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Making my dad's lgt 125 quieter?

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Posted April 05, 2021 - 05:46 PM

^lol. I'm sure they will find something else :)


Today's progress- more sound deadening came in the mail!

One layer on the sides and hood leaves plenty of room for more.

I'm now 2-3 layers deep, and it's starting to make a difference.  Especially with the fit of the panels themselves, they quietly fit into place. No more rattling!!!!


Infact, the tractor is quiet enough you can hear the individual loose bolts rattle, hone in on them, and tighten them. Imagine that :)

The numbers are really coming down now- 


At full throttle from the sides - around 87 db. This was 90-100 before easily. The lgt125 open sides were 107 at full throttle

The front of the tractor is 90 tops. It was 100-110 with the peppercans.

At idle (this engine idles high, around 1000 rpm- 84.8 db. (keeping in mind my wife talks about 81 db. .ssssshhhhhh.....)


Mowing 95 db!!!!!!!! WOW it was over 100 before- easy!!


Remember- these numbers aren't just 10 points louder or quieter- they represent a factor of 10, or 10x louder or quieter!


The big problem now is the hydrostatic. *big surprise* It's a loud one. Under full load, it still gets to 100. I've replaced the pump, the filter, the intake system, and am experimenting with different oils. I've always used the iso68 mineral oil (about  a 20w equivalent). Currently trying straight 40w to test high viscosity (yes, I know it's on the thick side). May change to iso 48 for the thin end to see if any make a difference. I want to test the extremes to see if it's a starvation problem on the intake (oil to thick to get sucked in properly) or it's a noise problem on the pressurized side (oil too thin not to cause screeching). This will be a work in progress.

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