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Kawasaki FH451V engine carb question

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Posted November 08, 2020 - 09:03 PM

I have a 2003 Husqvarna lawn tractor with a 15 hp Kawasaki FH451V engine this tractor sat in the weeds for 7 years and was given to me this summer, last week , and started to work on it. Before I brought it to my shop I had checked to see if the engine was free it was so checked the oil squirted some gas into the carb and touched a jumper cable eng to the starter cable bolt it cranked over and started ran 10/15 seconds OK it has life connected a temp gas tank but it would not continue to run after the squrit of gas burned up. So I removed the carb discovered that the cutoff solenoid was bad so I removed the tip cleaned the carb reinstalled it the engine started and ran but surged at all R's removed the carb and cleaned again pretty much the same would only idle with some choke on tried everything I could think of finally I discovered that if I put my finger over the idle pilot jet in the front of the carb it would smooth out and run as it should. I've searched but can not find a manual or any information about this carb and am asking if anyone here has any experience. I did remove the jet and took some automotive goop and plugged the hole let it sit for 24 hrs was into the shop this afternoon and tried running the engine it started right up and ran perfect at any throttle setting and now it wouldn't shut off (there is little to no wiring left) tried choking it but it would not stop so finally found the kill wire and grounded it to stop the engine. The engine has real possibilities so I'm curious to know what is wrong that the jet needs to be plugged? Yes I can buy a new aftermarket carb for $25.00 or less but I'm stubborn

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