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turtle in reverse

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#1 hornet OFFLINE  

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Posted May 19, 2020 - 11:52 AM

i picked up a jd lx176. i think it has the tuff torq k61 tranny,but not sure. i changed the fluid and forward it smooth and responsive but reverse is really slow and sluggish feeling. is this normal? it was non running when i got it so i cant compare before and after.,

#2 EricFromPa ONLINE  



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Posted May 19, 2020 - 07:29 PM

The bushings in the pedal assembly might be worn or it might have wear somewhere in the linkage between the pedals and transaxle.


What type of fluid did you put in it? That Universal tractor trans/hydraulic fluid from Tractor Supply is a bit thicker than 30wt and it does make them a little sluggish. I put that stuff in in both of my Cub Cadets and it is a bit sluggish in the 1440 that doesn't have the ported pump. The 1541 has a higher flowing ported pump with hydraulic lift and I feel no difference in power or speed on it.   


Those little tuff torq transaxles are not particularly fast in reverse. The squash plate is basically a 2 way valve. When the squash plate changes angles by actuating the linkage it forces fluid through the different ports. Neutral = no plate angle. If the Pump runs clockwise it has to push fluid up and around counterclockwise to reverse the movement of the the drive motor. This produces less pressure and flow to the drive motor which makes them much slower in reverse than forward.


Usually when a tuff torq starts to go bad it will 1st be noticeable in reverse. It will be slower than normal in reverse or have no movement in reverse but it could still have decent power going forward. Tuff torq transaxles have to many moving parts to be called Heavy Duty. 10 pistons,10 springs,2 cylinder blocks,squash plates,bearings,internal seals, ect ect ect. Just a bad design to begin with But they can make the components as small or large as they see fit and they do work. They just don't hold up as well as a larger gear type pump or vane type pump.  


It could still have air in the pump. It takes a bit to work out all of the air bubbles. Jack the rear up and slowly push the pedals forward to reverse a few dozen times then shut it off and wait for the rest of the air to settle out of the fluid. It can take several hours of doing this to get all of the air purged out of the hydraulic motor, pump and pressure block assembly.

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