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DIY Parts Cleaner

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Posted April 29, 2020 - 04:40 PM

Been using this fiberglass tub for many years as a soak it parts cleaner, it sat on the floor and the ultrasonic cleaner sat on top of it. When I wanted to soak and/or scrub something in the tub I’d have to move the ultrasonic out of the way and kneel on the floor at the tub , seen enough of that. Had various parts and pieces in inventory so I thought I’d try to improve its use. 
I’ve been working at this for a bit , some trial and error and some upgrades. I found out after I pneumatic-ized it the lid  needed a gasket as I was losing air and product , had some excellent 3M self adhesive weather stripping so I fitted it up , problem solved. Next it needed to hinge and secure the lid tightly to the tub , some hinges bent to fit and rubber latches did the trick. When I hit it with air it would warp the lid , pushing it up in the center, I figured the stress ( it will hold 40 psi) would eventually break the fiberglass down, I had a piece of 18 gauge 304 SS , some autobody two part epoxy panel adhesive, problem solved.
I wanted to filter the crud out of the solution so I added a chemical transfer pump and chemical rated strainer and filter housing , pleased with the results. Plumbed it up for air , and a vent , added a shelf to the bottom to keep parts out of the sludge build up.
Last made a rack to hold it and the ultrasonic cleaner. Added a light.
It holds 12 gallons. The air agitating the solution makes a good scrubber. Pleased with results.

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Posted April 30, 2020 - 06:12 AM

I don't understand the purpose of pressurizing the tub.

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Posted April 30, 2020 - 09:07 AM

I don't understand the purpose of pressurizing the tub.

The tube depicted by the red arrow (pic #1) has a series of 1/8” holes drilled and equally spaced, the air enters and is controlled via the ball valve (pic #2).  Pic #1 also shows the inlet to the pump (green arrow ) and the outlet (yellow arrow) after it goes thru the filtration system. 
Pic #3 shows filtration circulation, Pic #4 shows the bubbler effect that transpires as the air is introduced into the cleaner, more air , the stronger and more aggressive the agitation is. Think whirlpool or jacuzzi. 

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Posted May 07, 2020 - 01:54 PM

You did a nice job at upgrading your parts cleaner and finding ways to improve it to better fit your needs! The filtration is system is great. You're right, it does look like jacuzzi in there!

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