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A Nice "Warm" February Morning

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Posted February 14, 2020 - 02:12 PM

I remember the announcer had said - “Bundle up because it is quite cold outside”
And true to his remark I had learned that he has not lied
I was hoping that this morning I might get to stay in bed
As going outside in the cold is something I often dread
For the most part the weather has been quite meek as Canadian winters go
With temperatures around the freezing mark and very few days of heavy snow
But by the middle of February things should be starting to warm up a bit once again
As Mr. Sun begins his journey North and from his deep South voyage does refrain
I got out of bed and headed for the room where I partake in my usual constitutional thing

Slowly getting fully awake to check out what the day might to me bring
I sat and gazed out on the world to see what Mother Nature had left for me
I already knew from yesterday’s journey in the lane it would need blowing you see
Mr. Wind and The Snow Fairy in it had left their tell tale marks of deep drifts of white
But it didn’t look like to much else had happened during the hours overnight
I could still see my tracks where I had walked from the car to the house thanks to the yard light
And the wind appeared to be reasonably still in the air from what I could tell
Also it looked like no additional snow flakes to speak of had in the dark hours fell
I got up from my vantage point and after making things journey to the sound of a flush
I gave a squeeze and a spread and then went a round with the tooth brush
Then off to the front door to pull on my insulated coveralls, winter coat and aviator hat
Boots, my heavy winter coat and gloves that I keep at the ready near the floor mat
All cinched , zippered and bundled I turned off the light and stepped through the outer door
Into the porch area where the start of another sunrise softly illuminated the floor
Then I opened the aluminium porch door and stepped on through the door frame
Into the morning air that from inside had looked so nice and tame
I exhaled my breath and a white foggy cloud did briefly form in the air
Before it disappeared and then an old friend slapped a hello at my face cheeks bare
Jack Frost hadn’t covered the panes of glass like he normally does in a silvery display
But their was no doubt this morning he was present and wanted with my skin to play
I grabbed a small dish of food for the birdies and headed for the feeding spot
I could now make out the outline in the brightening light that before was just a black blot
Took a couple of steps and then Mr. Wind blew a light breath from the East
It was a lazy gesture that chilled me to the bone – that’s the way it felt at least
Got to the feeder and laid out a spread of seeds, peanuts for the colourful eaters
Guess it was still early yet as I didn’t have any waiting feathered greeters
Then off to the shed to fuel up the tractor and check the level of the oil
Turned the key and suddenly the engine came to life as the morning silence I did spoil
For the next two hours snow got shifted with the help of my four wheeled tool
Bet people who saw me out blowing thought “You’ll freeze your tail off you silly fool”
But in actual reality it really wasn’t too bad except when the wind caught the snow
And into my face it did decide to give it a little toss with an icy throw
Then after I parked the tractor and greased the blower bearings so it was ready once more
I turned off the fuel valve and pulled down and shut the shed door
Then made the journey back over the now cleared spot to the house
Down to the basement to check on the trap – to my surprise – no mouse
Then back inside to the warmth and shelter of my little oasis in this land of cold
Opened up a can of soup and had a hot brunch – seem to feel the cold more as I get old
This summer in July when beads of sweat are forming on my brow which isn’t for me fun
I’ll remember this morning where the temperature was a toasty 7° F and the lack of Mr. Sun

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Posted February 16, 2020 - 12:29 PM

What did I see by this morning's first light?

Just the hesitant fading of the darkness of night.

No sweet little birds or glowing of sun,

Just the whisper of snowflakes, one upon one.

No crunching of foot steps on snow covered ground

For fast falling snowflakes muffle all sound.

With seed dishes filled, I'm back to my nest,

A hot  mug of coffee suits me the best.

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