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Is There A Book On Bolens?

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#16 Bolens800uk OFFLINE  

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Posted December 06, 2014 - 07:45 PM

Guys probably going to wonder whats going on now that he just sold a handful of these the past few hours :D

Glad I helped the guy out!

Seriously though, it prove my point that there is a market for such a book and between all you guys on this forum there must be enough collective knowledge out there to write a book. Are there any ex Bolens employees around on the forum who can give us some inside info.......

To get the ball rolling, I will put my name down for the book........

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#17 Toolfoole OFFLINE  


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Posted December 06, 2014 - 09:18 PM

I agree, Andrew. I, and I'm sure many others, would love to see a really comprehensive book written about Bolens. A nice big full-color coffee table book would be awesome!  :thumbs:


There is a ton of info out there on Bolens equipment, much of it available on this forum and in the hands of it's members. I'm also sure there are plenty of Bolens ex-employees out there who could provide insight about the company and the equipment. All we need is for someone to take on the project and compile all that info. That's all. :smilewink:


Anyone? :poke:


I will happily commit to being the second person to put my name down for that book. Cheers  :beerchug:

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#18 Bolens 1000 ONLINE  

Bolens 1000

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Posted December 15, 2014 - 05:45 PM

Well, Got the book in today and had a chance to read it..... Was a bit disappointed as many of the pages were just filled with brochure pictures and alot of the information was off on the production years and some pictures did not match what was being described.



I guess its not bad for a 2006 publishing but was hoping the book would have cited sources on the info written and not just a "Story" of one persons perspective on the history.

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#19 Bolens800uk OFFLINE  

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Posted December 28, 2014 - 01:28 PM

I have read sections of the book this afternoon, namely on the tractor section. I thought it was fairly useful and interesting though I am no expert on Bolens compared to others on this site. I thought for a couple of quid, it's worth it if just for a 'overview' of the the company's history.

I still think there's a book out there yet to be written on a par to the Wheel Horse Story.
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