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What's It Worth? Bolens 1250 With Fel

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#31 OldBuzzard OFFLINE  



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Posted February 23, 2013 - 06:56 PM

... Basically are the two Bolens worth three Allis Chalmers machines?


If you walked away from the trade happy, that makes it a good deal. 

If the other guy walked away happy as well, that was a great deal.

If both of you walked away saying to yourselves "Boy I sure got the best of him", that was an AWESOME deal :D :D :D


Nothing else matters.

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#32 makeitfit OFFLINE  

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Posted February 23, 2013 - 11:08 PM

I figure it this way, if I don't like the Bolens machines, I can always part them out for far more than I could get for my AC machines.

The Bolens also is a bigger machine, I feel cramped up driving the AC tractors.


My only concern is the foot operated speed control and hyrdo trans. The one thing I like about my 416S is that I can basically set the  thing on a course and sit back and just steer. I never touch the throttle, or slow down. It goes at one speed, all day until I'm done plowing or what ever I'm doing that day. The one thing I won't miss is having the belt drive to keep adjusting.

What do most do when plowing with a Bolens 1250? Is there a way to just set the speed and go or do you have to keep a steady foot on the pedal all the time?

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Posted February 24, 2013 - 06:42 AM

With the 1250 you set the throttle speed, then you control the direction and speed with the right pedal. I can see that it might get tiring for the right foot if it was a several hour job.


It is funny that you are choosing between AC and Bolens. Both are plentiful in my area. I have about 60 small tractors. I am going to keep the AC/Simplicitys, Bolens, and my first Wheel Horse, the rest are going. I like the AC for fast, light work and the Bolens for heavy work. I have most of the major and many minor attachments for each. The AC is great for mowing, light snow plowing, pulling a light trailer. The Bolens is best for pushing dirt, rototilling, and dragging other tractors. The hydraulic lift on the Bolens is really nice. Both still have plenty of parts available.


Have you downloaded and read the manuals? Good Luck with whatever you decide. Rick

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1967bolens collector


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Posted February 24, 2013 - 11:06 AM

they have cruse control with the left pedal. well mine does i didnt look to see is the one in vineland did

#35 makeitfit OFFLINE  

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Posted February 24, 2013 - 07:03 PM

I stopped by where the two Bolens are in Vineland today, I had one of my AC tractors on the trailer. I figured he would want to look it over before making a decision on the trade.
I don't think he's as interested in the trade now as I am. He seemed a bit disapointed in the condition of my AC, the rusted out battery box and dash, and Briggs vs. Kohler engine may have killed his interest in it.


We may be back to square one on the deal.


I did take a spare battery with me and checked the compression on both Bolens engines. The both were pretty close in compression, the 1455 having a bit higher reading.
The 1250 fired up on carb cleaner so he rigged up a fuel supply from a small tank and to my surprise, as well as his, it ran fine.


The Hydro pump moaned a bit at first but cleared up after only a few seconds. It moved forward and back just fine.
I didn't try the left pedal, I didn't realize it wasn't just a foot rest. We couldn't run the 1455 since its in need of an ignition module.


What is the compression ratio of an S12D or S14D engine?


On the S12 the PTO lever felt limp, it engaged just fine but didn't snap into place like I would have thought, but he's got a new PTO linkage set up there from a parts machine if it needs it.

The park/neutral lever is real stiff on the 1250, Park don't always engage on the 1455, but he's got a new or good used parking pin ready to install for the 1455. There's some fluid dripping from the Park pin on the 1455.
Not having the bucket attached, I he didn't run the loader much, just enough to excercise it up and down and he retracted and extended the bucket cylinders part way. It all worked fine which was my main concern.

My main concern now is that after spending the time to get the 1250 running, he may well just want to keep it now. He's not interested in my three machines after seeing the best one, so I may still be looking for a bigger machine, or I'll just have to stick with the AC 416S for now.


I've got about $600 wrapped up in the three machines, so I'd have to get at least that out of them. I probably don't stand much of a chance in selling them though. They just look too rough.

For now I'm back to waiting for my tax refund I guess.