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Site Guidelines

Membership guidelines:
  • Membership is free and encouraged. If you are not already a member you can join by clicking here.
  • We have several spam monitors and checks to help keep spam at a minimal, as we try our best to have a problem free experience we understand there will be situations that are legitimate where our system picked a post or thread up as spam and put it into moderation. If your post is valid it will be approved as soon as possible.
  • We are a family oriented site and participation is a privilege and not an entitlement.
Membership Levels and when they are reached:
  • Unregistered / Not logged In / Validating
  • This is self explanatory, not all features of GTtalk are available to this usergroup. If you are a registered member you can over come this by logging in. If you are not already a member with us you can register here, after all it is free.
  • New Member
  • When a user registers and has validated their account they are considered a new member until they reach 10 posts in the forums.
  • Member
  • A member is automatically moved to the member group after posting 10 valid posts in the forums.
  • Senior Member
  • This user group is achieved after reaching 100 post count.
  • Site Supporter
    • Site Supporter membership is a paid membership of $20 a year for members that would like to show their support for the site. It takes a lot of resources to run a site and this is our way of accepting donations but also being able to give something in return to say thank you for supporting the site. Some of the added features include but are not limited to:
      • Pm box increased
      • Signature can have 5 lines and up to 2 images
      • Unlimited gallery albums and images
      • GTtalk will appear completely ad free other then ads from true site sponsors. As our sponsors sometimes have specials that will benefit all members.
      • Discounts on GTtalk shirts, hats and other items we might sell.
    • If you like the site and would like to donate by becoming a Site Supporter you can do so by clicking here. Please note you must be a registered member to access the subscription page.
  • Site Sponsor:
    • ​Site Sponsors are members / companies who pay to advertise on GTtalk. Site sponsors also receive other perks for being a site sponsor as well. Site sponsors are provided with the following:
      • Allowed to have a link in their signature to their business..
      • They have their own forum which provides them a way of sharing special deals or new items they have for sale, it also allows members to get in touch in them on a more personable level and ask questions.
    • If you are interested in becoming a site sponsor you can use the contact form located here.
Posting guidelines:
  • This is a friendly, fun and family oriented community, if you cannot post without being offensive then you need to go elsewhere.
  • Please refrain from making single word posts, we understand that sometimes they are necessary. This is mainly aimed towards "post padding" to achieve a high post count as quickly as possible.
  • Before starting a new thread or post, please try to search for your answer first. This will help eliminate multiple posts on the same questions that might have been answered already.
  • Before submitting your post or new thread please read it as if you were the person on the other end:
    • Does it have a descriptive title? ie; Need help with spindle on John Deere 110 is better then Spindle Help.
    • We know that not all people are well versed and have proper grammar. Trying to use proper punctuation goes a long way, same as paragraphs.
    • Refrain from posting degrading, or belittling comments, these go nowhere and will lead to a permanent ban from the site.
  • If your post contains spam or is abusive in any nature it will be deleted or edited. If action is taken against your post or thread we will use a warning system to keep track of offenses.
  • No political or gun related topics, they will be removed promptly.
  • Signature rules are put in place to help cut down on signature pollution. Over sized images and text can get annoying.
  • Links in signatures pointing to other sites when the member is not a site sponsor will be removed and you will be contacted to be reminded of the rules.
  • Spam will not be tolerated. Any sort of spam will be removed and your account will be banned no questions asked.
  • Even though we have spam filters in place there is a chance to some might slip through which is why we ask our members to use the report feature to report any content they feel is spam in nature.
Marketing and Self Promotion:
  • We offer site sponsor memberships for those that would like to advertise or promote items that they sell. Whether you are a commercial company or an individual with a home based business,
  • if you would like to promote, post or private message any items that you sell then you must be a site sponsor. If you are not a site sponsor the following rules will apply:
  • Your post(s) will be put in to moderation and you will be contacted by one of our staff members regarding becoming a site sponsor. If you choose not to become a site sponsor the moderated posts will be removed and we will note your decision to decline being a site sponsor.
  • Any following attempts at posting stuff for sale without being a site sponsor will lead to the content being removed and your account being suspended.
  • If you don't want to be a site sponsor we offer a links directory where you can post your service for free and is the only place it will be allowed to be posted.
  • We reserve the right to remove any content or post with no questions asked.
  • We are all for the hobby and businesses growing, however we also have to be fair to our current site sponsors. It also needs to be understood that this site was not created nor maintained for others to freely post advertisements or links to generate sales.
Linking to Other Sites:
  • Linking to another site considered to be in the same topic as GTtalk will not be allowed unless it falls under the next rule:
    • Links to other sites are allowed if the link that is posted is directly related to the topic, the page the link goes to is resourceful and the content is publicly viewable without having to register to see the linked content.
  • Any and all links may be edited, altered, or removed as moderators and staff members see fit. All decisions are final.