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3rd Annual Ball Hollow GTtalk Plow Day 2014

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Great article and superb video George.  So glad you & Erica got to come down, and I'm looking forward to next year already!

    • NUTNDUN said thank you
Texas Deere and Horse
Sep 27, 2014 02:59 PM

Thanks George and Erica for all the photos and video Y'all took of the plow day. I hope you make it next year as I am going to be there next time.

    • NUTNDUN, olcowhand and chuck Grumpy Aldridge have said thanks

Thanks for the Video and Article.

    • NUTNDUN said thank you
Sep 27, 2014 08:57 PM

That was a lot of fun to see, thank you George for putting the pictures together.

    • NUTNDUN said thank you
Oct 04, 2014 01:38 AM

I can see, you all had a lot of fun!

    • NUTNDUN said thank you

Man, I wish this year had been the year we could've gone.  just wasnt meant to be.  To many other things on the plate.


Thanks to George and Erica for the pics, thanks to Daniel and family for hosting.

    • NUTNDUN said thank you
Robert Webb
Oct 10, 2014 01:11 PM

Daniel............I had a BLAST..........the dirt was HARD but that was just a challenge to get the plow to dig.  Sorry that I had to leave early Saturday but getting OLD sucks.....lol  It took me about a week to get my back and neck back to normal but I al already looking forward to coming back next year.  And tell Josh, THANKS for letting me hang out with him in the Milk parlor and pester him....lol  Good thing that I didnt bring Dana, she would have been trying to figure out how to smuggle a couple of those calves back to Alabama!

    • NUTNDUN said thank you
Oct 10, 2014 10:33 PM

Yes sir, what a weekend! Great hospitality. Thanks to olcowhand and the one who was really in charge, Mrs olcowhand. Yes Daniel, we figured that out pretty quick.  

I really had a great time. There is something to be said about a bunch of guys and gals that like the smell of fresh plowed dirt.


Thanks to those responsible for the Brinly plow giveaway; especially since I am the dude in the above picture kneeling beside the plow. I am truly grateful.

Thanks to Mike Dahms for the hitch information. 


Looking forward to next year,


    • NUTNDUN said thank you

Looks like it would take a lot o' gas