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1st annual GTT Ball Hollow Plow Day

plow plow day kentucky


Oct 29, 2012 08:40 PM
Ditto . I had a real good time !

Am I missing the pictures? We love pictures........or a video or two would really spice things up. Looks like fun.

are there any videos on this yet?  I guess I will have to come up from south Louisiana next year and take photos and videos if only with my iphone. Did not learn of it until about 2 weeks before and already had date booked. Besides My pulling tractor was under the weather (needing a heart transplant).   I know  that the weather was less than hospibital,   that organizers had their hands full in preparation but the hosptality was warm.  I know that Daniel has a ton of time to put this together because being a dairyman is a cushy job. :)

       I haven't made it to any of the plow days and I'm tired of reading about all the fun I've been missing, To top it off I just had knee replacement surgery and used up all my Vac. for this year already :-(    So its not looking good for the rest of this year ether, unless they happen to land on my long weekend. If they do I'll be there!!

Was the best plow day I had been to, hoping to make it again this year !!