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Sundstrand Series 15 Inline Pump/Motor Rebuild

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I want to thank Bill (Petenpole) for taking all the time it took to document his rebuild.  This will surely help others take the plunge to repair their own hydro, that otherwise may have thought it too daunting a task.  I have repaired many hydro's, but never took the time to document it so well as Bill has. 

    • jpswift1 said thank you

Bill did an awesome job putting the article together and I want to thank you as well for taking the time to do so.

    • jpswift1 said thank you
Apr 21, 2015 05:21 PM

WOW!!  This is very impressive!  Thank you!  

    • jpswift1 said thank you

Thank you for a well written and timely write up.  About to start on mine in a Bolens QT.

    • jpswift1 said thank you
Very well done. Thanks for spending the time putting that together. I do have a question about displacement per rev. The pdf from the manufacturer states .9ci/rev as a maximum. Are there different sized charge pumps for the 15? I have one in my jd 140 he and want to run a hydro and axle up front. I've heard the jd 140 only puts out .31ci/rev. Color me confused.

And guys it really is about that simple.  I have completed it on my Steiner pump and motors numerous times.  Even learned to do the lapping myself.  The Steiner Service techs taught our dealers how to do it and I learned right along with them.   Not recommended by Sunstrand.  

Thank you so much for the detailed DIY thread.