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Quick and Easy Backer for Punching Gaskets, etc.

gasket punch punching holes


That's a good idea. I use a piece of scrap MDF.
    • chieffan said thank you

I always had excellent results using the end grain of an oak timber

    • chieffan said thank you

I use recycled plastic.  Several years ago a guy started up a plastic recycling business in our town.  He was using soft drink bottles and milk jugs.  He made many different products over a few years time but his big seller was 4' X 8' X1/2" sheets.  Most of these were used for the bottom 2' around the inside of hog houses and confinements.   I got hold of a couple broken pieces of this product and made several cutting boards out of them.   I have a small piece ( 12" X 16") I use around the shop and this work great for cutting holes in about any material a hollow hole punch will go through.

    • Utah Smitty said thank you

Somthing that I have found works good is a plastic cutting board. When my wife is throwing one out I take it to the work shop. They also come in handy as they can be cut with wood working tools and it is surprising the handy things you can make with them.

    • Utah Smitty said thank you
Aug 16, 2019 06:22 PM

I have actually had some success using spent rifle casings as punches. They are pretty much free, and it they get dull, or bent, who cares? You can also try to sharpen the outside edge with a bench grinder. This method does not always work great (and sometimes it won't work at all), but if you are in a pinch, it can get the job done!