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Pipe Plug Help


I have had and used a set of Sears special sockets for years made just for this purpose. Just slide the smallest size on you can and turn the plug out.  5 or 6 special sockets to the set in a plastic storage cases.  Made back when Sears had good tools.

    • earthgrinder and 426tractorguy have said thanks
I have used 8 pt sockets to remove plug or set screws. They're just harder to find a supplier who sales them. I've had different brands over the years. Craftsman, Snap-on, Mac, and even cheapies. You'll just need to check out your tool supply house.
    • chieffan and 426tractorguy have said thanks

Neat, novel trick.  I have several set of allen sockets that could be inserted into an inverted socket of any size, and this solution is so simple it probably never would have occurred to me.  I guess I'm lucky... never had a problem using an open-end wrench, nor come across a rounded one.  Some teflon tape prevents the need for extreme overtorquing... sometimes I wonder if people think that torquing a fastener or plug to the extreme is some kind of rite of passage?

    • chieffan and 426tractorguy have said thanks