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How To Repair Worn Splines In A Bolens Tube Frame PTO Yoke

tube frame pto yoke worn splines bolens pto yoke


Utah Smitty
Feb 10, 2015 09:43 PM

Good write up!  Thanks for sharing it.


One observation... instead of making the cross-shaped piece to hold the yoke in the holes, couldn't you have just chucked the round end of the yoke in the lathe and bored it from that end?  (Just wonderin')



    • stiemmy and 29 Chev have said thanks

Thanks for the kind words.


Chucking the yoke on the round end may have worked if I had a larger lathe - the one I used has a six inch swing and the longest boring tool I have is about three inches long.  As a result the carriage would have hit the ears of the yoke before the tool got to the end of the hole I was enlarging.  The boring tool is also only 3/8" diameter material and extending it out that far would have made it flex quite a bit resulting in a slight taper in the hole and it would have been much harder to create the taper on the end of the yoke where I welded the collar in as it would be inside the chuck and I would not have been able to face the weld afterwards.

    • stiemmy said thank you

Nice job!