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A Simple Tip to Make It Easier to Install Rear Wheels


I had that same problem the first few times I took the wheels off 1 of my cubs. Now I screw a bolt in one of the holes on the backside,Once I get the other 4 in finger tight ,I remove the 1 on the back and finish up. I used about 3 or 4 inch bolt,made it much easier to put on & off.,Eventually I would like to put new bolts on the backside with lugnuts,I do not wanna use press in type studs either,Also do not wanna drill out my rims and spend a ton of money doing it. lol
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Utah Smitty
Oct 14, 2012 07:34 PM
Using this method, you just screw a bolt in from the rear permanently, and use it to start the others. It's best to have beveled nuts or bolts to match the bevels in the wheel--ensures the wheel is centered. Having 1 regular nut & 4 beveled bolts should be fine. Also, at least on my Sears GT and SS tractors, the pilot hole in the wheel fits snugly on a boss on the hub which centers it as well.

I keep a set (2) of studs on top of my toolbox. I cut the heads off of two bolts the right size for my JD 210 and then cut a screwdriver slot in the end with a die grinder. I screw them in a little, hang the wheel, put in three of the wheel bolts and snug'em down. Then I remove the 2 studs with a screwdriver and install the other two wheel bolts and tighten them all.
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Thats all ways the problem getting your thingy in the hole Oh i mean trying to get the 7/16 Nf bolt on the hub i have had a hard time getting the tires on my h14 As i need to run spacers (1" round 7/16 hole by 1 5/8 ) i have also used a big nail to line the hub up with spacer then the rim

Install 7/16-20 x 1-1/2" long bolts with a washer from the back of the hub, then hang the wheels on the studs. Use 7/16-20 chrome lug nuts. Blue thread locker on the bolts where they screw into the hubs. There's a pic in my gallery. Take a peek-a-boo.  :thumbs:

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7/17-20 x 1 1/2" long bolts installed from back of the hub. Blue Threadlocker on threads that engage the hub.


Open end 7/16-20 acorn lug nuts. 


Hang the tire on, finish mount with the lug nuts. Done forever!



my method may be crude compared to what I read here , I take a dowel rod ( wood ) taper the end, tap it into top hole, lock the brake & hang wheel on it. works on a Panzer

I use a 7/16 fine thread bolt.  Cut the head off and put a little taper on the bolt.  Cut the thread end off leaving about 1/2 - 5/8" of thread.  Turn the bolt in from the outside to the end of the threads (1/2") then slide the wheel on, put 4 lugs in remove the line up stud with your fingers and put the other wheel lug in.  No reaching behind, not lock nuts just a simple line up stud. 


Some of you older gents may remember the small pins that were used for this purpose on some of the car wheels, I believe it was MOPAR that had them.

The way I use only works for one wheel at a time.  Using a small floor jack I raise one side only far enough to get wheel off.  When I am ready to re-mount wheel, I push it close to the hub but standing on its own, turn the hub till one hole lines up with the rim and screw in the bolt.  Then turn tire till bolt is at the top and line the rest of the holes up.  With my back, I do not want to lift the tire up.