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Buyers Beware - Scams Are Out There


I'll give ya $2500 for it! as soon as it arrives at my house, currently I am away on business, so I will put $2500 in my escrow account and upon receipt I will transfer the money western union,

LOL good topic and I hope no GTTalkers get scammed, that is just BS when people do that. Typically though not always their grammar is off a bit, which in some cases should send up a red flag. Also the face to face transaction is best, When dealing with 'tractors' it is unlikely they will go a 'shipping route' but, you never know. Also be aware of phishing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phishing techniques, so be careful what you share...
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There is one guy apparently based in PA that keeps scamming people. It is usually either parts or a smaller sized tractor that wouldn't be hard to ship. I have been meaning to get something posted on the site about this for a while now. I finally had a little extra time this morning and took care of it.
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josh deaven
Feb 22, 2012 08:45 PM
We have to catch this clown before he does it again!
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Feb 24, 2012 09:17 AM
I wanted to add to that, George. I think the economy has people doing random acts of evil. I have a friend in Ohio who is a huge collector and does a ton of restorations, plus he has MS. He can hardly walk and has very poor vision, but his collection is remarkable. He keeps all of his tractors in several barns away from his home. Recently those barns were invaded by theives who took a lot of his attachments and parts and those items were sold at the scrap yard for quick cash.

It is always a good idea to make sure your collection and parts are locked up in a secure area. Another tip is to always document what you have in your posession. If you have parts in another location, be sure you check on those regularly and keep that area well lit and monitored.

Sadly, theft is on the rise with the parts because it is so easy to sell them for cash. My friend who I mentioned earlier was relentless in his search for the crooks and one of them is in jail now. He found some of the parts at the scrap yard and had to buy them back. It took him about three weeks to get some of those items back, and yet some of them were taken as evidence by the police.

Save yourself the hassle and protect your stuff!
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Feb 25, 2012 07:19 AM
Ive never bot any parts/tractors online - its always been local ( within an hour drive).

Speaking of theft - i was worried for a while there when scrap steel prices were super high - my tractors arent rare or collectable , so i was worried theyd be stolen for thier scrap price.
Feb 25, 2012 05:25 PM
George this is good info for all I like to find deals but sometimes
they make the flag go up if it looks to good

Tractorchick I hate to here that kind of stuff, we do scrap I am always on
the watch for things that are to good to be there and I am always looking for
tractor parts to save from a bad fate.I have started to lock my shop and do little things
to try help not help thieves do what they do myself .
    • tractorchick said thank you
It is sad that people are that desperate for easy money.I am sure there are some that wouldnt do it if not for the bad economy, but who knows.I do have a really good stop for theives,It is called a noisy watch dog and a 30-30,lol,and yeah I have talked to my local sheriff about that.
I have sold several items recently and have been contacted by scammers saying the very same thing. I always say sorry, cash sale only and in person or meet in a public location like a store parking lot to do the transaction. That has worked good for me.
I think one of the most obvious indications of many potential scams is that the buyer / seller communicates in ways that deliberately aviod the need to conduct the transaction in person. They will usually give excuses like I am traveling or out of the country but I will have a relative or friend arrange shipping, payment, etc. I don't bother participating in purchases where the seller won't give up their phone number and agree to my seeing the item before purchasing. They usually make the offer too good to be true in an effort to get buyers to fear they will lose out if they don't act quickly.

If I am selling I try to pre-qualify the buyers before I give them information about where I live. I don't want tire kickers and scammers coming to my place where they can waste my time and scope out what I have that they might return for when I am not home. I have also found that when I post items for sale that they are acurately listed and represent very good fair deals. In the case of practically every LT, GT and associated implements that I have advertised and sold I was quickly contacted by serious buyers that came with trailers and paid my asking price in cash right on the spot. Perhaps I might have sold some things for a little more had I posted higher prices but the haggling, wasted time and the increased chance of scammers are not worth it to me. I want to be able to list it, show it, sell it and then cancel the ad and move on as quickly as possible.

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I had a lawn tractor advertised on Graigs list and someone sent me a check for more then my asking price plus money for shipping, I told him I would not release the tractor until I was sure the checked had cleared the band, 4 days later he is threatening me with legal action if I did not release the tractor and pay his shipper, and I got notice that the check was a fraud. I told him I would meet him at law enforcement office and he could explain about the bed check.The sheriff dept is still looking for him. He was in Mi his shipper in NH and the check from a collage in CA.

    Be carefull with check's,  my brother had the same thing happen and when he deposited the check somehow they got his routing number and cleaned him out.  Thankfully he is a poor as the rest of us so he did not loose to much money.

Yep I get them calls also they say  that they will pay $50.00 more than my asking price and arrange shipping. I just hang up that's why I deal on a cash upon pickup basis only.