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Olde Abe

jerome case case company case tractor history case tractor insignia


I find this interesting. Case was one of the manufacturers of equipment used in my formative years. Case 200 and 330 balers and a 1270 later. The neighbor was more of a Case man, he had a 930 and 1030. I knew the eagle was known as Old Abe and am glad to have learned the whole story. Thanks KURTEE
    • josh deaven said thank you
Very interesting reading. Thank you for sharing.
    • josh deaven said thank you
Feb 26, 2012 06:04 PM
Great article Josh! Very informative, and very well done. Thanks for posting it.
    • josh deaven said thank you
Thanks for the history lesson Josh.
    • josh deaven said thank you
Wow! Very happy to have learned all of this. Amazing thing.
    • josh deaven said thank you
Aug 05, 2012 05:03 PM
Thanks for sharing that great little piece of history Josh!