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February 2016: Bolens 1050


Congrats on winning the vote , Very nice looking tractor , don't forget to PM me your address so I can ship the stack muffler out to you

    • WrenchinOnIt said thank you
Feb 03, 2016 09:10 PM

Way to go buddy,,very nice machine for sure

    • WrenchinOnIt said thank you
Feb 03, 2016 09:56 PM

I wish my 1050 looked that good.  Then again if it did I would refuse to actually use it like I do.

    • WrenchinOnIt said thank you

Very deserving of the honor. That tractor is absolutely pristine. It must be so neat to appreciate an almost factory new Bolens. :)


Love the story behind how you got it, too.

    • WrenchinOnIt said thank you
Bolens 1000
Feb 05, 2016 07:50 PM

Great looking machine, probably the nicest original1050 left out there, U-ship is the only way to go, great guys and great pricing I used them 4 times over the past few years to ship Bolens.

    • WrenchinOnIt said thank you
Congrats! There's something about the color combination that makes me look twice at those Bolens tractors. What a great tractor to find in that condition, too. Thanks for the detailed write up and the tractor is in good hands.
    • WrenchinOnIt said thank you
Feb 06, 2016 09:33 AM
Thank you for the compliments.

Here is to hoping somehow the gentleman that owned it has become aware of this honor as he looks on from beyond, because that is where the credit to its condition lies, I've NEVER seen one that's been used ,(and it was used for grass mowing and gardening by PO )and NOT! be so oiled up and greased up in all the wrong places. It is unbelievably clean! He TRULY took amazing care of it! So its win and and honor of doing so is entirely to its original owner.

Thanks to all for voting , and all who entered their machines, several deserving survivor's for sure!

    • Bolens 1000, blackjackjakexxix, stiemmy and 1 other said thanks

Yes Congrats , That machine is in amazing condition and deserving of a win!

    • WrenchinOnIt said thank you

That's just beautiful! Congratulations!

    • WrenchinOnIt said thank you
That 1050 looks amazing!!! That certainly was a blessing to have found that. Great story, congratulations.