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August 2016 Bolens HT23 with a Danuser CD-1 Post Hole Digger

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Congratulations - nice machine and attachment.

    • LPBolens said thank you
Aug 07, 2016 03:25 PM
Congrats Doug,glad you posted it
    • LPBolens said thank you

Congratulations !

Really nice solid combination and in good working condition !

I've seen a couple Danusers that looked like they have been buried for the last 30 years, yours looks great !

    • LPBolens said thank you

That is such a cool and unique attachment! How many people can you find have one of those. Glad to see it take the honors! Well deserved!!

    • LPBolens said thank you
Aug 12, 2016 12:15 AM
Congrats indeed , super set up. You don't see many. Nice fab up on the top mount. Glad you entered it, happy for you that it won.
    • LPBolens said thank you
Never seen post hole attachment for GT. Very nice!
    • LPBolens said thank you