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Sears SS/16 Suburban Repower


Nice fab work. Motor looks as if the factory did it. Sure filled up all the area under the hood.
    • dthomp17 said thank you
Utah Smitty
Aug 24, 2012 09:44 PM
Nice work. For some reason the pictures aren't showing correctly on the screen--some of them only show a small bit of the left hand sided... but, the thumbnails show pretty much everything you've done.

Yes, good job on getting the the photos to show. Thanks Daniel.
Very nice documentary! Thank you
    • James Lango said thank you
If you get a relay wired in they are made in 4 and 5 post if you get the 5 pole it had normally closed circuit an it is open if you apply power to it If you Pm me i can walk you thru the wiring
    • dthomp17 said thank you
Thanks Ty, I was looking through my scrap box and found an ignition switch from a Seas GT18 that I believe has all the functions I need. I just haven't wanted to spend the time to swap out the switches.

Thanks for sharing. The first tractor I ever owned was the Sears model you have. I remember the problems I had with that engine. The Onan Corporation was just down the road from me where I live and they informed me they were no longer going o be selling parts for that engine anymore so I sold that next summer. I regretted that ever sense.

Awesome job.  Very good looking tractor and installation.  I'll bet it sounds pretty good with the dual exhaust, too.

Nice job! Awesome tractor!! Thanks for sharing

Great work looks like it came that way 

    • dthomp17 said thank you

Thanks, very informative engine looks good in there.

    • dthomp17 said thank you