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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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Jacobsen CHIEF 1000

Model Number: N/A
Engine(s) Used: K-241
Drive Type: Manual
Transmission: Peerless 2300
PTO: Side
Mid Mount Mower Size: 42"
Production From: 1964
Production To: 1970
Rear Lift: Manual / Sleeve Hitch
Original Selling Price:
Length: 61"
Width: 34"
Wheelbase: 42"
Front Tire Size: 4.80-8 Or 6.50-8
Rear Tire Size: 23x8.50-12
Brake System: Band Brake
Electrical Ground: Negative Ground
Electrical Voltage: 12V
Belt Sizes:
Footnotes: http://gardentractor...00-super-chief/ Manual