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Wisconsin WD2-860


HP: 20
Cylinders: 2 Cyl
Block Material: Cast Iron
Cooling: Air Cooled
Points Gap: N/A
Max RPM: 3000
Bore: 3.30
Stroke: 3.07
Displacement: 52.7
Spark Plug:
Plug Gap / Battery: N/A
Plug Gap / Magneto: N/A
Int. Valve Clear. Min: N/A
Int. Valve Clear. Max: N/A
Exh. Valve Clear. Min.: N/A
Exh. Valve Clear. Max: N/A
Oil Type:
Oil Capacity: 2 3/4 Quarts
Fuel Type: Diesel
Footnotes: Ducati 21522 engine re-badged as the Wisconsin WD2-860.
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