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blower with gravel?

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#1 pumpkintoter OFFLINE  



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Posted September 26, 2011 - 01:11 AM

ok guys ive got the ol 316 and i have both a blade and a blower but im really looking forward to using the blower since ive never used one. but heres the deal i have a gravel driveway can i use it all or am i better off to just stick with the blade and sale the blower?

#2 powerking56 OFFLINE  


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Posted September 26, 2011 - 05:30 AM

I use a regular 2 wheel blower on our gravel drive, I set the shoes to keep the bottom edge up about an inch and keep some correct sheer pins around. It throws a few rocks onto the lawn but not bad and it beats shoveling. Our drive is situated so plowing is pretty much not an option. I'd say mount the blower and give it a workout.... But not for a good long while yet!!!!!!!:D

#3 KennyP OFFLINE  



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Posted September 26, 2011 - 06:57 AM

Hey, Pumkintoter! Good to hear from you. Hope things are going well. Give the blower a try. If you're not satisfied, swap over to the blade. Just remember, if you spin the wheels you left a pile of gravel to spread around.



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Posted September 26, 2011 - 07:12 AM

Last year, the ground went thru several freeze thaws and I got some heaving. The last time I used the blower, it was thawed and muddy underneath the snow... Painted the neighbors fence. I need to adjust my shoes.

#5 daytime dave OFFLINE  

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Posted September 26, 2011 - 09:41 AM

You should be fine if you follow the above advice. Shoes properly adjusted and proper sheer pins with more on hand.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out. Take pics and or video.

#6 JDBrian OFFLINE  


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Posted September 26, 2011 - 10:17 AM

I think it depends on your driveway and the type and amount of snow you get. I use a plow but have a walk behind blower for really heavy snow. I would like to get a blower for the rear pto of my tractor and then have the blade on the front and blower on the back. Nothing beats a blower for getting rid of a large snowfall. That said, I use the blade to avoid ice buildup on the hill of my driveway. As others have said you can easily use a blower on a gravel driveway by setting the skid shoes to give you an inch or so of clearance. The problem with that is it leaves a lot of snow to form ice. In my situation with a shaded driveway and a hill up to the road there is a lot of ice buildup that makes it harder to plow and to drive safely. I use the blade and scrape it down right to the gravel whenever possible. IME that results in much less ice for me. Yuor mileage may vary depending on your circumstances.

#7 lyall ONLINE  



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Posted September 26, 2011 - 08:48 PM

like the other stated keep the shoes up a bit. rocks are hard on the blower. check your auger from time to time, it will get beat up from the rocks. the auger does not like larger object, like bricks :blowingup: and your neighbors wont like them either

#8 pumpkintoter OFFLINE  



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Posted September 27, 2011 - 12:18 AM

thanks for the tips guys ill give the blower a shot, i dont have to worry about neighbors i live in the country and the way the house is set with a row of trees to the north and west we get some pretty big drifts..

#9 cityboy2977 OFFLINE  


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Posted October 05, 2011 - 08:09 AM

maybe start snow duty with the plow? once your drive is good and frozen mount the blower.
a lot of folks put a piece of plastic pipe on their plow cutting edge to avoid digging into the gravel.

#10 Michiganmobileman OFFLINE  


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Posted October 05, 2011 - 09:07 PM

I have had good luck on our drive by using the plow with the shoes set way down on the first few snows, then get a good base built up, then start using blower.
Still helps to check the drive before freeze for those loner stones.

#11 big red dog OFFLINE  

big red dog


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Posted October 08, 2011 - 12:07 PM

I've often wondered about this
Our exit road is 450 yards and 7% to an 8.5%
you do not get out in more than 1/4 in ice
without ft or four wheel drive
Oh did i mention its gravel and a county road
Useful info
I like green.
I Love Restored Iron.