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JD 214 manually operated PTO wont disengage?

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#1 MacWorld OFFLINE  



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Posted September 14, 2011 - 09:50 AM

Strange problem, when cold everything works fine. PTO clutch engages and disengage as I think it should. I know there is a bit of wear in the multiple rods between the "clutch" and the lever but as I said when everything is cold I have absolutely no problem disengaging my mower. However when the tractor gets working a bit, the PTO will not disengage.

Is there a common problem for this PTO clutch? I would like to be able to turn off my blades when I have to get off my tractor. I removed the clutch to replace the belt and everything seemed right but my knowledge of GT's is quite limited I might have missed a point.

Thanks in advance!

#2 JDBrian OFFLINE  


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Posted September 14, 2011 - 10:21 AM

MacWorld, have you downloaded a copy of the service manual for the 200 series. That would give you the information you need. It sounds like something is jamming or sticking after it heats up. There are a lot of 200 series owners here who may be able to give you more specific help.

#3 Tmo OFFLINE  



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Posted September 14, 2011 - 11:31 AM

Sticking PTO is a common problem among the 200 series. Problem lies in a couple of things. The PTO clutch is a cup and cone design. First, there is a brake, that may need adjusting. Second, there may be dirt or grime build up on the cone causing friction and therefore unneeded heat. You should remove the clutch assembly and clean and lube it per the manual. The manual you say.....

200 series service manual - Manuals - Garden Tractor Talk - Forums

The pto clutch is outlined starting on page 73 of 88, Section 50

It's also in the Operator's Manual: John Deere 200 Series Operator's Manual OM-M81219 - Manuals - Garden Tractor Talk - Forums

#4 MacWorld OFFLINE  



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Posted September 22, 2011 - 05:34 AM

So far I only had to clean the cone and cup of the clutch which were both "well greased". I guess too much grease was added to the bearing and it got out somehow.

I didn't had enough sunlight to mow more than half of my yard so my test might not have been totally conclusive.

#5 lyall ONLINE  



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Posted September 22, 2011 - 08:41 PM

if you have too much grease and it gets on the lining for the cone contract area it will slip. the PTO will not spin for you properly. After years of use the lining gets a shiny surface on it. I use a shoe rasp file to lightly remove the glaze on the lining. It helps a lot (like putting on a new lining) it will grab almost like new again. You might will have to adjust the PTO a little.

#6 SKasper OFFLINE  


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Posted September 24, 2011 - 07:58 AM

My '76 JD 212 had a similar issue. The manual does give some very specific measurements at various locations for adjustments. I started with those, and then "tweeked" where necessary. I think the one dimension that helped the most to get it disengaging properly and consistently was the brake adjustment. It's a pain crawling under there and a third hand would certainly help to hold the feeler gauge while you are trying to move & tighten the bolt.

Good luck...