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Retro lawn boy project

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Posted September 05, 2011 - 02:26 PM

Well after a few times of putting my old bricktop lawn boy in the scrap and taking it out to see if I could really do something with it, I took it back out of the scrap today. I thought about replacing the pull string system with one from another bricktop to only find out it wasnt really going to work and wasnt worth fixing the old 2 cycle engine any more, so as you probably guessed the engine went back into the scrap pile. I then brought the old magnesum deck back on the workbench and thought how much I would hate to get rid of it because of how cool it looked and how I saved this thing from the scrap yard 2 years ago( I actually dug it out of the junkyard and payed about 10. dollars for it lol ). I thought if only I could find a newer engine to put on this thing. Thats when I remebered that I had got an extra engine sitting up on the loft in the shed that I got as an extra incase the engine I put on my latest craftsman engine swap didnt run properly. So I thought....well.....I wonder if it would fit?? So I got it down off the loft sat it on the deck and..........after drilling the holes out to 7/16" which is about 1/8" bigger than what the holes were originally........we now have a B&S 5.0 Torque Engine on a 18" 1970 Lawn Boy Bricktop Deck. Now heres where it gets fun. I somehow need to find an 18" Blade and Blade adapter to fit this b&s engine....Then I remembered that recently I fixed and sold an white(mtd) 18" Push mower so I knew they still made blades in 18" because I had to order a new one becasue it was bent on the mtd one. So here is what I need to do and or figure out....I need to find a blade adapter from a mtd mower that had one of the classic b&s engines on it and then I need see if the 18" blade which I threw in my scrap pile and still have....will fit with no issues....then I need to either find a complete engine because mine isnt totally complete or find the parts I need to complete mine. I havent worked out all the details yet but I thought I would share with yous what I am in the process of doing as well as showing a few pics...

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Posted September 05, 2011 - 03:12 PM

Thanks for the pics, looks like a neat project