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help me please

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MSG Hall

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Posted September 02, 2011 - 10:49 PM

I need a small work tractor, I have a large area to mow around 5 ponds. but the trail to get to them is through the woods. routed and sometimes muddy. I want a workhorse. there is a Speedex S24 and a Case 446 near buy in my price range...

I am familiar with Speedex but know nothing about Case... other than the I like that big back tire.

I guess the question is... tough, reliable workhorse for mowing and maybe snow pushing. all things being equal, which would you buy/recommend?

thanks guys....


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Posted September 02, 2011 - 11:11 PM

That's a tough and very personal question! There are as many answers to it as there are fans of each brand. In my opinion, the choice, all other things being equal, is between a gear driven and a hydrostatic, or more correctly hydraulic driven. Despite the user name, I don't really know a lot about either brand other than what I've already said. I'm sure that there are several members here who are in one or the other camp and can better advise you. I hope that you find the info that you seek soon!

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Posted September 03, 2011 - 04:25 AM

Buy them both, use for a while and sell the one you don't want to keep. I would think the Case will be easier to find parts for.

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Posted September 03, 2011 - 04:44 AM

MSG Hall,welcome to the forum.
Either one of those tractors you mentioned should do the trick. The Case might be the better of the two,as it is Hydrive,which would make it easier to maneuver .The 446 is a very capable tractor.



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Posted September 03, 2011 - 05:43 AM

I would go for the Case. Reasons being, the high wheel will be better for getting through the trail to get to the mowing area. I think you will also have more ground clearance. The Case will also save more time with mowing due to the hydrostatic drive. At least that is my suggestion between the two that you posted.

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Posted September 03, 2011 - 07:21 AM

It depends on the model of Speedex. It also depends on your terrain, the case drive line if maintained is bullet proof,but must be run at max rpm to make proper use of the retarder. Depending on what model Speedex they also made a inline shaft hydrostatic ,(sunstrand)peerless two-speed final driven 16 hp. I can not remember the model but excellent machine, also has at least 15 inch rubber. The speedex also has a foot controlled hydro like a massey 1655 or bolens. The Case has many available attach,and parts are available. It is your call ! Shawn

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Posted September 03, 2011 - 08:02 AM

The biggest things I would look at are the condition of the tractors and the attachments they come with, the availability and cost of replacement parts and the amount of work that they will require to get them into reliable running condition. Brand is not as important to me as these other factors.

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Posted September 03, 2011 - 08:16 AM

I am a hydrostatic fan, but the Case isn't hydrostatic. Having driven 3 Case tractors w/Hydriv, with mowing around ponds I would feel more comfortable with the Speedex tractor. Having one hand on the speed control when in tight quarters with the Case leaves just one hand for steering. The Speedex would keep both hands on the steering except when shifting, with tight quarters being easier to control with the clutch.

Really, you should drive both before drawing any conclusion. I'm not a fan of the Hydriv system myself, but you may like it just fine.

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Posted September 03, 2011 - 08:31 AM

Not to make things more confusing but does either one have a locking rear or at least separate brakes for each wheel ? That would help if there is a lot of mud to drive through . Will you be cutting on slopes too ? I cut on pretty steep banks where just keeping my foot lightly on the upper wheel's brake it keeps it from spinning . Al

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Posted September 03, 2011 - 08:46 AM

I agree with the ,try it before you buy it, thoughts. You are the only one that knows what you will be happy with. IF there is a chance that down the road you would want to install a loader I can tell you from experience that the foot controlled hydro is a huge bonus. It also makes mowing much more relaxed and enjoyable.
Good luck with you search.

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Posted September 03, 2011 - 02:30 PM

Welcome aboard....

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Posted September 03, 2011 - 03:42 PM

I like the buy both comment. Surely you have a friend that will let you hide one from the wife at his place until she can see how handy these lil tractors are and then she won't mind so much when the second one appears in a couple of months. :-)

#13 Eugene OFFLINE  



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Posted September 03, 2011 - 07:09 PM

Without knowing the terrain, acres, availability of tractor makes in your area, etc.. I suggest you look at, think about, a small(er) actual farm tractor in the 10 to 20 drawbar horse power range and a rotary mower, trailer or belly mounted. Many of the smaller farm tractors make excellent mower tractors. Plus you can use them for other tasks; hauling logs, trailer work, working the garden, plowing the drive way.

A problem with the garden tractors is that if the grass gets to high - very difficult to sometimes impossible mowing.

Notice I said drawbar horse power not engine rated horse power.