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Ariens U-Joint Crossover

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Posted July 18, 2011 - 08:03 PM

Cross reference # for the Ariens # 3155800 u joint cross is Neapco# 1-0170 ,, 16 bucks at my local auto parts store this is a 2" cross with .938 bearing caps

thanks plab
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Wm McNett

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Posted October 31, 2012 - 12:12 PM

N1000 Series
Even lists that Quick Coupler 10-5366 that everyone wants too much money for. But you'll have to shorten your mower deck shaft about 1/2"-5/8" to be able to get the coupler on the mid PTO.


Quick Coupler $32.20
U-Joint $13.49

Quick Coupler $28.71
U-Joint $9.85

Any lower prices? please list

And here is the Spicer catalog
U-Joint 5-170X

Weasler 200-0675
Available at your local Tractor Supply for $19.99

SKF 1-0170

Federal Mogul - TRW 20017 & 20018

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Posted January 13, 2017 - 07:18 PM

Hello to everyone!!!!

Heres my story sorry if its long. I recently bought a Ariens GT17 the reason for the Ariens is my dad bouhgt and still owns a New Holland s12.He has owned this since 1980 or earlier.As a teenager i remember mowing and snow blowing with it even as a kid i was amazed how well it was built and worked. He blew his drive way about 30yrs. with it.About 6 yrs ago i asked him if i could use it for my driveway. We rebuilt it and i used it up until last year knowing i had to give it back that i needed one for myself. Unable to find a New Holland did some research found out Ariens bought them out.So this last summer i bought the GT17 this summer with a 48" 2 stage snowblower.The tractor is in awesome shape one of the best ive seen and believe me i looked at a lot of them.The guy i bought it from told me rite out he didnt know what kind of shape the blower was in it didnt seem to bad but did need work. Well working 7-12s all summer and fall didnt have time to work on it so i dropped it off at a guy who works on small motors and stuff like that. He told me it would be two and a half to three weeks i thought fine this was September and i thought plenty of time. After about 5 weeks working straight i stopped by thinking he had plenty of time and it would be done no such luck he said he would get to it next week well next week never came. Finally after two and a half months i  had some time off stop in by him on a monday still not done talk to him said he would start on that that week. So friday came i went there and it is still sitting in the same spot to when i dropped it off and i told him i was taking it and wouldnt you know he told me he was going to start on it next week. LOL yea rite!!!!!! All i told him it wasnt going to do me any good with a foot of snow in my driveway sitting in his..... So my dad and i rebuilt it which im glad we did my dad is a machinist and retired after 40yrs. We tore into it took us about 3 hours i had a parts list and ordered the parts and rebuilt it glad him and i did it because we did quite abit of extra work and tweeking plus he made some parts that were pricey and i could tell he wanted something to do. So we put it back together in about  a hour and a half. We had a few concerns but nothing we thought was major and it would be good.We have had  some snow i think the most we got was 6" at the most and it worked great untill this wek we got a foot of snow and i was thinking now im really going to put it to the test. I did and i had a problem!!! Snow built up behind the fan locked it up and i broke the driveshaft ujoint on the snowblower and broke a balljoint. Ihad priced one a while back and you cant just buy half and at $450 i wasnt ready to eat that! So luckily my dad had and old ujoint just like it from his New Holland. He made the plate that welds to it and we were able to make a new one. Plus on the back of the fan i welded 3/16 keystock to cure the problem with the ice  building up on the back of the fan. Plus couple shims here and there to tighten everything up. The gap in the back of the fan was one of the concerns my dad and i had the first time. Waiting for my drive pulley and ball joint and should be ready to go. Sorry this is so long but i figured i would start at the beginning. So i have the ujoint that i knew could be fixed but wasnt sure how? I ran across this forum awhile back and have been reading the Ariens forums which have been a big help. Then i read the one on ujoint crossover which solve my problem on rebuilding. And a big thanks to Wm McNett for your pics and explanation on how you rebuilt yours. I have my pins and bearing caps on the way so i can rebuild mine for a back up. And I want to thank all of you who give information on how to rebuild and find parts on these older tractors. They sure dont build them like these old GTs anymore and thats why i bought one!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL.......

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