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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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got lucky on this one

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Posted May 08, 2018 - 08:30 PM

I went to an auction about a month ago---wasn't much interesting there that day, did buy a couple of things.  Among them was a Mantis tiller, I think it may be one of the older original ones from when they 1st came out.   I was a bit leery of it as it has a claim tag on the handle from a repair shop that was taped on like someone did not want it to be removed.....   IDK how recent it is/was.  

But it had compression and the tank was bone dry so I thought there might be a chance for it.  The carb was bound with leaves and dirt like it had been sitting a good while, on the outside// "storage dirt accumulation"   looked very clean inside..... another nod to the leery side.  

Sprayed the whole outside of it just to get the buildup off of it, rest of machine is really pretty clean. 

I put it into the corner and forgot about it for a couple weeks or so, just got around to putzing with it over the weekend. 
​Although it calls for 50:1 mix, I bought a quart can of that VP 40:1 ethanol free  pre mix gas (hey this machine has been sitting, figured the extra oil would not hurt)  put some gas in, pushed the primer bulb all of ONE time and it disintegrated. sprayed some Gumout in the plug hole and it "popped" and ran a few seconds til the gumout was gone.   


stopped by the local small engine shop and picked up a primer bulb today after work, primed it up and it started in about 4 pulls.... took a few times of starting before it would stay running but once it took off it ran great..... looks like it could use a little bit of a carb adjustment,(little rich,  lean it out a bit and I think itll pick up a few RPM)   but I tilled the wife's flower bed under the eave with it "no problem"........ I was scouting CL for the fun of it over the weekend and it appears that if I wanted to let it go I would not have trouble tripling my money,  but its staying for the time being...... I have had a couple of these go thru here over the years, this one appears to run the best of them so far..... I have borrowed the neighbor's a couple times when I have had a small job that I needed doing, 

in fact I got some genuine Mantis attachments and extra replacement tines  from a sale I went to a few years ago and being that I had used his a handful of times I gave the extra goodies to him.... I don't remember what all was there.... I think there was a broom head and a couple other things in that box.....    get that KT-19 running and back in my most recent Ariens purchase (the one with the tiller) this would make a good "trim"/"cleanup around the edges" kind of machine....... 

just waiting on the right under-flywheel crank seal, to be able to reassemble the KT........ 

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Posted May 09, 2018 - 07:14 AM

I got a Pulan a few years ago.  Started right up this spring as did everything else.  Handy machine for flower beds and getting around vineing plants in the garden.  Use nothing but ethanol gas too.