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Nominations For Tractor of the Month of May 2018

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Posted April 01, 2018 - 08:51 PM

Posted April 21, 2017 - 11:07 AM

We are now taking nominations for featured tractor of the month of May

The theme for this month is custom or modified.

I also can't emphasize enough to please provide at least 2 paragraphs for the description of you tractor. The winner is going to be featured on the GTtalk home page and all the bragging rights that come with it.

Here are the rules:

  • A tractor is not eligible to be nominated if it has won in the last year. However, the owner of the tractor may nominate a different tractor.
  • A tractor is not eligible if it is not operable at the time of nomination.
  • You must have at least a two paragraph description to tell us about your tractor.
  • You need 2 photos attached to your post as attachments, not linked from another site, the year make and model, and a brief description of your history with the tractor and what you use it for most.
  • You must be an active member of the site. (Basically you need to have at least 10 posts before you can nominate your tractor)
  • Each eligible member may nominate up to 2 tractors per month.

We will accept up to 15 nominations, this thread will be closed after the 15th nomination. Once 15 nominations are made we will start a new thread for the voting. Voting will run to the end of the current month and on the 1st of the following month the winner will be featured on the GTtalk Home Page and in our Featured Tractors section.

Rules subject to change to better work for everyone. Good luck!


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Posted April 05, 2018 - 05:55 PM

Come, come now. No custom or modified tractors amongst the members ????


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Posted April 05, 2018 - 06:29 PM

Mine won last fall!

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Posted April 05, 2018 - 07:02 PM

Okay. I'll throw my repowered JD 265 into the mix. I got this tractor in trade. Had a 17 HP Kawasaki with a good knock in it from running it low on oil. Found a Poulan Pro with a 25 HP Kohler. Pulled the Kawi and found the Kohler to be nearly a bolt in. I had to reroute the choke & throttle cables and make adjustments for the electric PTO.

I had to put a new ignition switch in, the old one was toast. A few small glitches later, and I have a bad a$$ mower. Needs a hood due to a grass fire, but I can live with that! I also modified the stock muffler to work with the V-Twin. There is more, but you can find that all in the thread.


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Posted April 05, 2018 - 07:51 PM

I would like to nominate my 1960 Wheel Horse Suburban 400 "Rat Rod".



 While on a pick with a friend I spotted this little Wheel Horse that was growing into the landscape. Some may have just seen a pile of scrap but I was quickly taken away by the great patina and moss growing on it.  After a lot of negotiating with the owner over a few months time, a price was finally worked out and I was the proud owner of this little beauty. In order to rescue it from it's resting place we had to pick it up to load it on the trailer. Not one thing on the tractor would move or rotate.



 Now normally I am a take every thing a part, sand blast it, paint it and make it look like new kind of guy. Building this tractor took a lot of self control, I didn't realize it would be so hard for me to not clean & paint every thing. A looking new again resto was not my vision for this little tractor though.


 I'll start with the chassis alterations. When I opened the transmission I found a nice 2" layer  of mud in the bottom of it. This of course had to be completely rebuilt, reinforcement gussets were also added to the outer housing tubes to help accommodate larger rear tires. 3" drop spindles help to give a nice old school hot rod look. After making a new belt guard the shiny new metal looked completely out of place. Research and experiments soon had me accelerating the rusting process of the new metal in order to get the look that I wanted. The missing foot pads were replaced with a set of horse shoes. The front tires are retro scooter tires. The rear tires were a bit more work, I mounted the tires onto the rims and jacked the back of the tractor up so I could run the engine to spin the tires. With the tires spinning I used a flapper wheel on a grinder to remove all of the lettering on the tires to make a nice smooth surface for painting with a white wall tire paint.


 For power I purchased a brand new 212cc Predator from Harbor Freight. This engine was disassembled shortly after coming out of the box. The cast piston was replaced with a Wisco piston that was decked to create greater compression. The cast connecting rod was replaced with a billet one. The cam shaft was replaced with a larger one. Stronger valve springs were installed. The key for the fly wheel was replaced with an offset one in order to advance the ignition timing. The stock air box was removed and replaced with a larger diameter free flow air cleaner. The stock muffler was removed and replaced  with a custom made header pipe which connects to a Screamin' Eagle muffler that has been trimmed down to fit under the hood. The main jet on the carburetor had to be drilled out in order to accommodate these alterations. End result of all this work increased the output of the engine by about 2hp.  


My test ride was quite exciting. While rolling along in 3rd gear at an idle I decided to grab a hand full of throttle. This resulted in me getting a close up view of my gas cap & almost ending up on my back with the tractor on top of me. After this experience the tractor went directly back into the shop to have a set of wheelie bars installed.


This tractor's main purpose now is to be my show cruiser. It does also get a chance to pull my lawn roller in the spring and to pull a tub around for yard clean up.

DSCN1060-min.JPG IMG_20160320_144144997.jpg IMG_20160320_144414747.jpg IMG_20160320_143908460.jpg





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#6 John Arsenault ONLINE  

John Arsenault
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Posted April 06, 2018 - 07:43 AM

I'll nominate the mean snow throwing machine, "Lucy" She was built for one thing in mind, moving snow.


Lucy is a 1968 Sears Suburban hydrotrac that was pretty good in the snow , good enough to know that with a few mods she will be great in the snow. I put a lot of thought into choosing and engine and pulley set up that would enhance the snow throwing ability's and drive-ability.




When I first got Lucy she did not run and was in pretty sad condition. I worked on the original engine and got it running, used it for two seasons before retiring it for the repower. Had it running good enough and long enough for my wife to fall in love with it so we made it her tractor.



At the time of purchase I also got a 48" deck with it that was also in pretty sad shape. So I refinished that so I can use it for many more years.


20160521_120418.jpg  20160522_123726.jpg

20160531_182709.jpg  20160530_171327.jpg



20170213_095758.jpg  20161230_104754.jpg


Running side by side with my reliable steed the horse even with the original engine Lucy earned her keep. Not just earning her keep she became the bread winner, the go to tractor. 


There were times when the horse just could not get the job done as well and we had to put lucy to the task.



20161230_115429.jpg  20161230_115605.jpg


Curb snow, oh man this stuff is like concrete mix, it is hard packed and heavy, I hit that with my horse and my horse cries,belt squeals, it bogs down and the chute clogs. My wife hit it with her tractor "Lucy" and we have a victory, not throwing far but getting though it. 


The weakest link was the Tecumseh engine. I have to keep this thing running year after year and parts are just to hard to find, oh and expensive as well. So I look into a good worthy repower.


ex400d-se5031.jpg  20171107_100158.jpg


For a little more then it would cost me to get an ignition and a carburator for the HH120 I got a Subaru Robin EX40, this was a no brainier for me. Brand new starter, charging system, carburetor , 200 watt alternator, recoil back up starter, new gas tank....everything that could possibly give me troubles done. 



The real magic happened when we put her to the test, this past winter was our first winter testing her out, and let me tell you WOW what a difference, this girl will throw down!


20171226_100202.jpg  20171226_103035.jpg


Blowing snow twice as far as ever and this engine is unstoppable. This build was very successful if I had to do it again I would't change a thing.



20171107_100133.jpg  20171107_100117.jpg


She is not a pretty tractor but what ever the task is throwing snow, mowing or towing she gets it done. 


20171107_124745.jpg  20171107_125126.jpg


I will be putting the mower deck back on this tractor as well for the spring summer and fall seasons not only is she the best blower she is also the most efficient mower , I can mow my lawn using about 1/2 the fuel I use to use. 


20171014_091539 (1).jpg  20171014_091604.jpg






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#7 John Arsenault ONLINE  

John Arsenault
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Posted April 07, 2018 - 10:03 AM

Since we are on the modified tractors, I'll put in a 2nd tractor that I have just finished. Although not 100% where I want it to be it is running and operable. Still living up to the name I present "Stinky". This tractor I got was again in pretty sad shape much like "Lucy" matter of fact I got both of these at the same time from the same seller in non running condition with parts scattered everywhere. "Stinky" was and is the 1st Sears Suburban I ever drove.


20151017_085758.jpg  20151017_085812.jpg


After getting the lot the was the 1st one I started on, I started by cleaning it up and getting the crud off.


20151029_110256.jpg  20151029_110313.jpg


Took it all the way down to the frame and started my restore. 


20151030_093906.jpg  20151030_093933.jpg


20160115_124245.jpg  20160113_141519 (1).jpg


Unfortunately for me I had to rush the tractor together, winter was on us and I NEED a plow tractor for winter. So that winter I had to stop my restore and put it to work. Now this tractor has been named "Stinky" because it is puffing smoke the bore of the engine is slightly out of round and the rings are bad. But it got me though the winter!




Also had "Stinky" running some of the summer while I worked on "Lucy" , at this point we have never drove "Lucy" only "Stinky" but can tell right away we like these sears we have a small yard and they are light and nimble feeling yet solid feeling and super easy to work on. The perfect tractors for us.



Well finally after getting "Lucy" going with a new Subaru engine, I get a chance to get back to "Stinky" . While I do love the new Subaru I wanted to do something a bit different with the plow tractor, "Stinky" will be my full time plow tractor when I get done with my tractor madness.So to have the weight of a Kohler up front will be a good thing. Plus getting parts for the Kohlers are so so much easier. I was looking into rebuilding the Tecumsehs but they needed to much and I could not feasibly do it. So I searced for a K301 to put in it 12 hp for plowing is way more then needed.


 20171129_104523.jpg  20180303_145522.jpg


Through good advice on this forum I bought this cub cadet sold the goodies off it and kept the engine and wiring harness and put it into the sears. actully made a few bucks doing so , Thanks guys! 


Then I got lucky and though a buddy of mine got a donor ST12 


There was a lot of work ahead of me now, I see a whole different tractor ahead I can swap battery boxes, gas tank, what ever needed to build this the way I want it.


ss 1968888.jpg  






Using it to prefit things and trying to figure out what I want/don't want etc.


20180321_133642.jpg  20180321_133714.jpg

20180330_143524.jpg  20180330_143553.jpg


I use the best of everything to build the one. I use the older aluminum dash from the 68 , but the battery tray and clutch from the 76, took the larger gas tank (plastic) and mounted that under the seat also swapping seats springs and upgrading to a taller more model seat that also lifts forward.Then looking over and seeing those foot board on the 76 I needed those too.  


At the current time all I need to do is finish the metal work to the hood and do a few small touch ups, I plan on taking the engine out and rebuilding it this summer , I have already been collecting some oem kohler parts for it to do it right. 




Here is a video of me starting it, guess what its still "Stinky" after all (still smoking)  and these kohlers do shake them, the head light never vibrated like that before. All and all I bet it will be a great plow tractor.














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Posted April 07, 2018 - 01:43 PM

I would like to nominate our 1962 Bolens Ride-a-Matic which has been modified with a Honda engine and tri-ribs. We also removed some of the previous owners poor modifications




My name is Joseph and I am 10 years old and live in the UK. Over the Christmas break in December 2016 I worked with my dad (slf-uk) on this tractor. The Honda engine was already in the tractor when we bought it but it became clear that it was never going to work in the way it had been installed. We stripped the tractor down, removed the engine and then started again.




We rebuit the carb on the engine, replaced the leaking fuel pipe and replaced the exhaust. The engine was then reinstalled and new belts fitted. We had to make a belt guide that could fix to the engine. This was made a little more difficult because we found a snapped off bolt and stripped thread in the ideal engine fixing hole. This picture is as we started to make the bracket






Normally the top of the grill of the tractor is fixed to the head bolts of the tractor but it is not possible with the Honda engine. We replaced what the previous owner had done with a custom bracket. Before and after pictures.








The non-standard tow hitch was replaced by a ride-a-matic one plus an attachment lift, with thanks to a member of this forum. Before and after pictures.






We finished off by replacing the front tyres with tri-ribs.






I know this is not a major project but it was lots of fun and the first tractor I have work on, with lots of help from dad. We are now starting to work together on our other garden tractors and I have started a YouTube channel of the fun, "Garden Tractor Boy". We made two videos about the work on this tractor.




Thanks for reading this post.












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Posted April 19, 2018 - 09:37 PM

   I'll nominate my 1967 Wheel Horse Charger 12.   This tractor came to me with a blown engine. At the time I didn't have a replacement for the broken Kohler.  But under the bench was a 24 volt electric motor.   I did some measuring and some figuring and decided it was doable. After tear down and cleaning I installed the motor and battery trays, wiring, and refitted the tins. In order to camouflage the electric motor I put an engine shroud on each side, and installed an exhaust pipe and an air cleaner.  I then disassembled everything and painted it all.  The chrome exhaust pipe is actually a kitchen sink drain pipe.   With new tires and seat it was ready to go.

  Since I had an electric tractor it was only natural to have an electric mower for it.  I used The mower deck from a non-running Snapper RER attached to a shop made framework.  It is powered by a 12 volt motor and a single battery.  

   I have actually mowed my yard a few times with this combination.  But it is mainly for "Show and Tell" at the local G.T. shows and parades.   I have gotten a lot of comments both positive and negative.   But the bottom line is I am happy.         

   Here are a few before-after- and during pictures,    Rick

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Posted Yesterday, 11:52 AM

Nominations will be closing tonight. Better get them in if you're going to.