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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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Started out as just another day of cutting and hauling firewood...

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#16 classic ONLINE  

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Posted March 07, 2018 - 01:00 AM

You're welcome Jim, I really like repairing these old machines as well as using them around the place. I've learned a lot about these old tractors and I think sharing the info on the forum just makes sense. I've learned a lot from others posts, be it garden tractors or something totally unrelated. You mentioned "over the years" and it's only felt like months. I can' believe how time flies, and I still have projects sitting that I started from when I first joined here. I get a part here and there for each of them and should really get to wrapping some of them up.
Those wheels on the back of the Economy came from a Case 442 or 444 garden tractor. I cut the centers out, flipped them around, and welded them back in place where they would work on the Economy. The 9.5-16 Carlisle tires are excellent for traction in the woods. I have to finish painting that tractor when the weather breaks. This is the Gibson I'm working on now. I'm rebuilding the engine and transmission, then I'll disassemble the chassis and prep it for paint when spring comes. I'll start a thread on this one as I get deeper into it. I want to have it finished for a show this summer.

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#17 RobR OFFLINE  

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Posted March 11, 2018 - 12:39 PM

Classic, your Gibson story reminds me of my first mowing in a wet area last spring, with my 4 wheel drive JD 770.  I had negotiated that area in previous years in the spring when wet, so I really didn't hesitate to venture through last year.  HA, the tractor bogged down and I got hung up on the (fully raised) belly mower.  Four wheel drive was useless in this case.  As I was deciding how to get out of that predicament, the Amish boy working in the field up the road was heading home for lunch with his 5 horse team.  He saw me and stopped to lend a hand.  I said your team of 5 workhorses should have no problem pulling me out.  He then unhooked "Big Jerry" from the team and said he could do it by himself.  Jerry is huge.  I looked up to his shoulders.  We then hooked up and the boy said something to Jerry who lunged forward and pulled me out with no problem.  Jerry saved my day.  What a horse!  Moral of the story, modern 4 wheel drive tractors are as good as conditions allow.  Old fashioned horse power trumped JD that day.  I'm sure the Amish boy enjoyed some good lunch conversation as to how Jerry saved the Englishman.

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#18 classic ONLINE  

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Posted March 11, 2018 - 11:23 PM

That's a great story Rob. One horse to pull out 6.2, heh! Mud can sure make for an interesting situation. I don't think most people today know the power that big horse like that has. I watched some videos of the Amish working these horses a while back and it's impressive. Thanks for sharing the story, it's one to remember.