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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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Favorite Brand?

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#46 Greasy6020 OFFLINE  

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Posted February 25, 2018 - 11:11 PM

I can pick a favourite...

cheap n reliable!
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#47 FixItCharlie ONLINE  

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Posted March 10, 2018 - 01:23 PM

The first mower I remember my dad having was a power reel push mower. I remember seeing it running once but usually when it was being used us kids had to be inside. When I was 9 we moved to a new place that has about 4 acres of which 3 of it is mow able. My dad had a 20 inch push mower. By the end of that first summer I was big enough to start pushing it. By the second mowing season my brother was big enough to start pushing a mower so my dad got a second 20 inch push mower. That same year a neighbor decided to have us mow his yard also & his yard was the same size as ours. We got paid for doing it but until the grass got burned up by the dry weather any free time we had it was pushing a mower. About the time I was in high school he got a Massey Executive 8 Hp. The biggest thing I remember doing on it was the maintenance needed before we could mow with it. Because we lived on sand the mower deck needed to be greased before we could mow & reaching under it to grease the spindles was not fun. Some time before we got the Massey my dad had a Case that would be considered a compact tractor now about the size of a Cub & it had a knife blade belly mower on it. I never got to use it one of the biggest part of it was the crank start that usually had to be crank several times before it would start running. We did have a walk behind that we used some in the garden but most of the time a guy in town would plow gardens so he usually did ours the rest of the garden work was done by hand. After I was gone from home my dad bought  a brand new Allis Chalmers GT with a mower deck, plow, tiller, & cultivator. I was gone so I do not remember much about it & my brother has it now. My first GT was the Ford LGT 100 I got it mainly I was looking for some thing to move my snowmobile trailer around with & found this on EBay for $100. It was a few years before I got it running good. At that time went through some of the mechanical to where it was more useable. My family has always had Ford cars & trucks so the Ford brand has always been a favorite. My mom still lives at the house where I grew up & as I got older & started thinking about retirement my wife & I decided it would be nice to get out of the rat race that we live in now & both enjoy being at my mom`s place. I am the only one that has interest where my mom lives now. My brother & sister both have places that they are very happy with now. So my wife & I have decided to move back there & plan to be moved by the end of this summer. When we first started planning to do this I knew that the LGT 100 would help there but needed some attachments. The mower deck that came with it was so rusted it would need major repair to get it working again. So while looking for a mower deck & thinking another GT could be helpful especially if the LGT 100 would need repairs I found the LGT 145 that had a good mower deck but also had a blade & snowblower. I have since found several other attachments for the GTs. Where we will be moving can still get some major snow storms. So GT that my dad had did not have an influence on my choice but other vehicles did have.


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#48 Sprint 6 OFFLINE  

Sprint 6
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Posted March 12, 2018 - 06:17 AM

My favorite is Gilson built Montgomery Ward, copies of the S series specifically.  My Grandpa bought a 1974 MW 16 new, still have it and it still mows the yard when needed.  I have most of the attachments for it, including a generator.  My great grandpa had its sales floor brother, he bought it after my grandpa because Wards had one left.  My great uncle is going to go over the auction records sometime to see if he can narrow down who bought it at the auction, it's a long shot, but you never know.


We also had 2 Huffy Sheratons and a rear engine Huffy Snapper clone.

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Posted March 12, 2018 - 09:15 AM

Whatever starts when I need it.
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Posted March 13, 2018 - 11:33 AM

How many of you like your brand of tractor because that's what your Dad liked?

First tractor dad had that I remember well was a huffy caprice. Then he had a sears lt10 that was silver with a red white blue stripe down the hood. Then a newer craftsman 2 he bought brand new. He returned it to sears as it broke every time he used it. Then a john deere 110. Then a cub cadet 128 (that we still have)

Dad has always been onto cubs. So yeah I've always been a cub fan.

Although my favorite tractor is the john deere 110. I just love the design and look. Not sure why it appeals to me. Sold the last one I had. Awhile I love the look they aren't my favorite to operate.

I think my next old garden tractor will be a mf12

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Posted March 16, 2018 - 12:52 PM

When I was 12 back in '78, I wanted to have a lawn cutting business.  We were not well off people, Dad and his family being immigrants from Holland indentured to a farmer for a number of years.  When Mom and Dad bought their own very small farm, we had an AMF 8/36 lawn tractor for the grass cutting.  Dad agreed to let me use it for the first year with the agreement I would save all my money, and re-invest some of it for my own equipment for year 2. He was a smart man on how to bring up a child into an adult! 


I worked and worked after school and weekends, made ads in the local paper (was a town of 2500 people) and put flyers up at grocery store etc.  I had 10 or so lawns to cut my first year, saved everything and in the fall, bought my own used AMF 8/36 (same as Dad's) for myself with my own money, a cheap used push mower for trimming, a new expensive black and decker electric weedeater with push button line advance (quite new for it's time) and a 4 wheel 80 year-old wagon that was a horse carriage in a previous life to travel with that carried my stuff, mower deck for tractor, push mower, gas cans, weedeater, cords for weedeater and my 10-speed bike to get home for lunch or dinner.  Town was 2 miles away on gravel roads, that AMF pulled my gear down that road every day,  wide open throttle in a slow third gear with me trying to drive and read school books during the trip.


10 lawns became 20, became 30, 35 and over 40 by time I graduated Grade 13 and was ready to move to on to university and adulthood at 18.  I ended up doing everything, gardening for people, storm windows up, storm windows down, leaf raking, leaf transport home, cleaning basements, gutters, tree/hedge trimming.  That AMF with a 8HP Briggs was unstoppable.  It was gear drive, hence the rear end tough.  Did break off one rear axle, bought a new rear transaxle and was back running in a day.  Bought an awesome pressure washer for $1500 back then (which is funny as most people today wouldn't spend that) and did house washing also...a very lucrative business.


Learned to do maintenance to keep MY investment going.  It was just the smart thing to do.  Oil, filters, tires, blades, belts.  Everything I looked after myself.

Ended up having more money than any other teenager around, all in the bank...I was too busy to party, too busy to do dumb stuff and too cheap.  That money was hard-gotten...I knew it's value, it was my sweat and toil.  I had enough money to pay for my first and second year, books and lodging for university.  The gals at the bank in town would smile and talk about me (my Mom said years after) as once a week I'd park my tractor and wagon rig in the parking lot and deposit all the 5's, 10's and personal cheques for that weeks worth of work.  They couldn't believe it, meanwhile their son's were drinking, smoking, hanging around and begging their Mom for money.  I was a geek for sure, unpopular mostly because I just couldn't relate to the parties that were going on around me while I was working.  Sold the entire business (the clients) to the competition, gave my worn out tractor back to Dad who took it and his and traded in for a Roper GT.  He kept the wagon until he died where we sold it at the farm auction as Mom wanted to move on.


Here is a pic of me back then, I've never shared with anyone outside the family.  Taken just in front of our house.  I loved that tractor!!


Dad was a freaking genius!



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Posted March 18, 2018 - 04:07 AM

Growing up on the farm we always had Massey’s, we did have one Case/David Brown and now actually have a White. As far as lawn tractors go, since we never had a garden tractor, they bought a Case 108 in 1976 which was kind of my dads toy when he was a kid, when I was younger we had a Massey 2514H which was junk, so I never took much (any) interest in it. We then bought a T1770 Kubota which we still mow with.

The first GT I had was my Sears, my great uncle bought it new and was given to me in 2009. It had a rear 3pt, with a back blade and plow.
Now I finally realized that there was something better than just an LT and you could do more than mow grass with them. So of course my first few GT’s after that were masseys, and later a couple Case’s. I really have no loyalty so to speak but there is only a few different brands I’d spend money on.

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