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Parts Rip Off

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    Make Stuff Up

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Posted February 07, 2018 - 11:25 PM


I drive an older Volvo 240, if I am not making it faster I have nothing else to do. I have already replaced the 5 things that could possibly brake did complete suspension + bushings all around, engine overhaul with all new gaskets and seals, brakes, and all the front end parts. Best 500.00 I ever spent.













I tried Volvo, a '01 V70XC to be exact, it's been sitting in the same spot in my driveway for about 4 months now. Mechanically it's a great car, ran perfect, didn't burn or leak oil, drove great, needs new bushings in the rear end but that's normal maintenance. The reason why it was parked, is the electric throttle sensor went out, I bought a rebuild kit for it and fallowed the directions and it all worked perfectly. BUT I guess the car had been messing up for so long, it corrupted the computer program in the car so it needs a new program uploaded. I guess Volvo are a pain to work on for the reason of everything has to be done at a dealer. My brother found a program online (on a Volvo forum) and he is going to try and upload it to the car. So far I am NOT impressed with Volvo. I have heard a lot of good things about their older vehicles, so maybe their newer cars are junk??? :(

This is also why I would never own a newer VW, I guess a dealer is about the only one that can work on them too :wallbanging:

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#32 chieffan OFFLINE  

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Posted February 08, 2018 - 11:43 AM

I stay clear away from foreign made vehicles.  My main mechanic has worked on Chevy all his life since turning wrenches.  Several years ago he went in business for himself and any time I have a problem he can usually tell me what the cause is before he even looks at it.  Last fall the heater/AC was not working right.  One side cold & the other heat.  He said it was the blend door and had to about pull the dash out to get to it.  $450 which I didn't have at the time.  Found a way on line to reprogram that part of the computer to make it work.  Success.  This winter the heater lost the 3 low speeds.  He said resistor board, I'l order one.  Bring it in tomorrow and will stick it in.  Went in and 20 min later was out and going.  $60 board and $21 labor.  Why change with service like that.


My tail gate door handle will be here today.  Supposed to get up to 30° F this afternoon so might just put in on.  Also have 3 deer stands I need to get home too.

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Posted February 08, 2018 - 08:00 PM

Everything breaks. I don't care who made it. I am personally not a domestic fan. Not for any real reason other than I've had better luck with them. I'd prefer a Toyota over anything.

Drive a 20 year old vehicle with 200k plus miles on it. Something will break. If you are willing to fix it then it can be worth it. I kept my old ram running for 10 years with close to 200k on it before it became more of a hassle than it was worth. The bed sides were flapping going down the highway. I keep my old ranger running because it's worth more to me than just selling it.

My worst vehicle for door handles was a 1995 Chevy Beretta. It was a great car but the darn door handles were garbage. I bought oem and aftermarket and they all broke. I ended up having a guy make me one out of steel. It didn't break!
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Posted February 09, 2018 - 10:39 AM

My worst vehicle for door handles was a 1995 Chevy Beretta. It was a great car but the darn door handles were garbage. I bought oem and aftermarket and they all broke. I ended up having a guy make me one out of steel. It didn't break!

My 97 F250 handles were fine for me, but seemed my Dad would break the driver's inside handle every time he drove it!  After a few handles, I made me one out of 3/8" steel rod, bent to shape, and it's been fine ever since.  

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29 Chev

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Posted February 09, 2018 - 11:12 AM

A few door handles break because of inferior metal but usually it is caused by door hinge wear / alignment or a design flaw with the vehicle - just my opinion.  If you look at the size of a front door on a full size pickup for example there is a lot of weight and door area suspended on two door hinges.  The door can get caught by the wind and bend the hinges causing misalignment of the door to the latch.  The drivers door through normal use gets opened and closed at least twice every time the vehicle is driven so it is usually the first to show signs of any wear on the hinges.  If the door is binding on the latch (or other areas) when someone tries to open or close the door this puts undue stress on the door handle which can lead to breakage.  If the handle is replaced without correcting any binding problems that caused the original handle to fail the replacement handle is probably going to break - if the cause of the problem is not corrected but just the obvious result (broken handle) then the replacement part gets called defective, inferior, junk (or worse) - just an observation.  Also some people will pull on the inner door handle to close the door rather than a strap or other hand hold on the door panel that is provided for that purpose.  Tailgates on todays trucks can also be quite large and suffer from alignment issues that may cause the handle to be subjected to more stress to get the tailgate to release and open.  Add to this the use of plastic to cut down on expense and weight for better fuel economy and this can add to the problem.  Years ago vehicle systems (such as engine cooling for example) were overbuilt with large cast iron water pumps and large radiators and coolant capacity that was larger than required - now everything is designed to work properly only if all the other components are working at their proper capacity.  

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dodge trucker
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Posted February 10, 2018 - 09:49 AM

I stay clear away from foreign made vehicles.  

Amen! X1000...... I don't do near as much side work as I used to but if someone comes to me with a Honduh, or a Toyota or a Nissan or Hyundai that they want something done to, sorry but I am "busy" even if I am sittin on the couch. and if they ask me again in a few days I am busy then, too. 

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