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Elec Trak E15 and E20

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Posted November 24, 2017 - 10:59 AM

Hi guys, I decided to get my feet wet in electric tractors this year and ended up with two of them. Oops!


The E15 is a 1970 that Billy M had listed on the forums here. It had a bunch of little issues and one big mess in the bottom of the battery boxes. The list inlcluded: reverse relay was bad, Card 1 (the control board) had blown SCR's, the charger capacitor was bad, the battery clamps and jumpers needed replaced, the lights were toast, the fuel (battery) gauge didn't work, one rear tire leaked flat every 24 hours, the brake rotor was well rusted and the pads were missing. I would also later discover the roll pin in the steering shaft under the tractor was cracked causing significant play.


After attacking all those issues and wire brushing nearly every connection, I had a fully functional tractor. I didn't really finish up the E15 until the end of the season so it hasn't hardly seen any use. It's currently sporting a snow blower also purchased from Billy M. (Thanks again!)
















The E20 a 1973 that I found on a random craigslist search. The lady's husband had passed and she had offered it up for sale with the deck, a blade, chains, and a random lawn dump cart.  She said her husband enjoyed using the E20 to mow under the trees on the property instead of using their big tractor. She also mentioned that it had a major steering issue that her mechanic son had fixed. All I had to do was replace a faulty reverse relay and put in a new band resistor to get it going. I subbed the E20 in for my cheap ICE lawn tractor mid season and didn't look back. 


There are issues - the brake needs adjusting (PITA), the lights don't work, the front spindles are bent, and the sun/moon gear have occasional meshing problems from center to right lock, only an issue when stopped. Obviously it was repainted. The older repaint job isn't bad from ten feet. The deck casters are pretty crap so I upgraded to pneumatics.
















Last of all, both tractors needed battery meters. This one works great and can be run off the key switch so that it doesn't count hours while charging with the master disconnect turned on.




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Posted November 26, 2017 - 10:58 AM

Welcome to the site, looks like you got a couple of nice, better than average ElecTraks there, I followed you thread on the GE site and you had some problems to deal with on these 2. The pictures on this site come out really good and I see that you got lots of attachment's for them. I like my ElecTraks and use them whenever I can.

Not sure if you did this or not but, the steering gear with the roll pin that likes to break, best thing is to do what others have said and weld the gear to the shaft. I had that problem also on every one of my ElecTraks.


The biggest thing I don't like is there are 7 sites plus this one that I have to goto everyday to get all the info on them, be nice if everybody was in 1 place.

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