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Gravely 16G wont lift my 38" Snowblower, why not?

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#1 Misterjeffy OFFLINE  

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Posted November 11, 2017 - 06:22 PM

Hello to All Who May Read This,


I am new to this forum, but have been a Gravely addict - I mean user - okay let's just say enthusiast - for over 15 years.  I just hooked up my fancy huge snowblower and I have a problem!


I have a Gravely 16G rider (Kohler 18hp twin, 38" snowblower (#20980)).  I have the weldment bar the blower came with, and I had the driveshaft lengthened (a 16G is longer than an 816) so I have the correct length driveshaft.  It runs fine, etc., but what it does not do is lift the snowblower off the ground!


(Note the hydraulic lift works fine with my 50" deck, so it's not the hydraulic system).


I found the user manual for the blower online.  I read it, checked the photographs and instructions and I have correctly installed the snowblower. 


However, my weldment bar half only slides in and out of the outer part.  As such, the snowblower snowblower stays on the ground.   I cannot see how the sliding part of the weldment bar is supposed to actually lift the snowblower, given that it only slides back and forth.  There is no tension on it, it holds none of the weight of the snowblower, it just hangs there.


Is there a longer weldment bar appropriate to a newer tractor model (16G versus 800 Series?)?  I am thinking that the weight of the snowblower has to be transferred to the weldment bar so the lift has something to, well, lift.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Seems to me that measurements of parts may be in order, if anyone knows those kind of specifications...


Thanks, Misterjeffy

#2 boyscout862 OFFLINE  

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Posted November 11, 2017 - 06:32 PM

Welcome to GTT. Try our Manuals Section for the info that you need. Post clear pics if you can. These will help others to understand the problem and hopefully give you the solution. My thought about the bar assembly is that it may need a pin to lock the outter bar to the innner bar. Good Luck, Rick

#3 Misterjeffy OFFLINE  

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Posted November 11, 2017 - 07:01 PM

Hi Rick,


Thanks for your fast reply.


I uploaded two images, first is of the weldment bar pieces installed into the underside of my tractor, second shows the pieces on the floor of my garage.  The hollow weldment bar measures overall approx. 29 1/2".  The insert piece (I have no idea what Gravely formally calls it) that goes into the weldment bar measures 18" overall.  When inserted, about 4-6" or so of the bar end is exposed when the hydraulic lift is all the way up.  Of course, who knows if that is correct since the snowblower is not lifted off the ground at all... 


I would agree that a pin somewhere would be helpful, but there are Gravely parts that are factory/stock.  I also used this snowblower on my 816 when I had it for one winter- unfortunately that was about 8 years ago and darned if I could remember how it all went together.  I do remember it lifted just fine, no modifications needed.  So I must be missing something somehow.


Thanks again for your reply.


Jeremy- aka misterjeffy

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#4 GWest OFFLINE  



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Posted November 11, 2017 - 08:01 PM

I may be wrong here but that lift design looks similar to what Wheel Horse uses.

They call the insert piece a flag. (Flag on a pole I guess)

With the lift lowered and the snowthrower on the ground, measure the distance from the front tube to the flag as in your first picture.

Cut a piece of heavy tubing that will fit over the rod about 1/4" shorter than the exposed rod. Thinking water pipe heavy. Slip that over the rod before you insert it into the front tube. It may be too long but you can always shorten it.

Wheel Horse uses 3/4" flat washers to adjust the height. Each 1/8" flat washer changes the lift height by about 1/2".



#5 dpbcc OFFLINE  

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Posted November 12, 2017 - 09:10 AM

I had a similar issue,   I solved mine by adding a collar with a set screw to mine,  something like this. except mine uses a bolt which I ground to a point on the end so it would get some bite.   



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