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Paint question

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#1 Bill 76 ONLINE  

Bill 76
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Posted November 10, 2017 - 05:13 PM

I  had my snowplow sand blasted and primed it with rust oleum clean metal primer and then sprayed on massey red rust oleum tractor paint about two weeks ago , been kept in heated garage to dry now would like to roll on another coat to get more protection , went to get more paint and they no longer have rust oleum brand but instead have Valspar tractor paint I asked the kid working the paint department if they are compatible with each other his reply was they should be , well that answer is not good enough for me.Called Valspar they were no help. Anyone got any idea if the Valspar would be ok to put on over the rust  oleum I  already have on it. My brain says it might work but I have been wrong before.

I do believe they are both oil based enamel  



#2 secondtry OFFLINE  

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Posted November 10, 2017 - 05:50 PM

Best idea is to try a tiny spot out of sight.  Don

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Posted November 10, 2017 - 05:58 PM

I have used Rustoleum for years and it has a bad habit of wrinkling if you don't wait long enough for it to fully dry. If you give it a second coat within 24 hours you are USUALLY okay but try it 2 - 3 days later and you could very well get wrinkles. If you waited a few weeks you will probable be okay. You should have no problem finding Rustoleum as most hardware and big box stores carry it. What ever you do don't put the second coat on to thick as it will pull the thinner out of the first coat and you will get wrinkles. As far as Valspar, if it is the same type of paint you probably won't have a problem as long as you wait long enough. I have sprayed other brands of paint of Rustoleum with no problem. They do make a sealer coat you can spray to stop wrinkling from happening but I have never seen it in a rattle can.

Now if your paint wrinkles I will denie everything I just said.

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#4 glgrumpy OFFLINE  


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Posted November 10, 2017 - 06:45 PM

Valspar is great paint, I use the tractor colors a lot.  I have also used the Rust. brands a lot. I've had the Rust brand wrinkle spraying on same kind and color. Not sure what was wrong, just maybe weather for day?  I never bought the new metal primer cause it's White, be hard to cover would think and I think primer should be grey anyway, not sure why.  Think best is to try the little in back corner or something as noted above.

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Posted November 10, 2017 - 06:54 PM

I won't use Valspar and Krylon is lacking! Valspar house paint sucks, takes several months to dry!

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#6 dodge trucker OFFLINE  

dodge trucker
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Posted November 10, 2017 - 07:10 PM


I have mixed and matched brands of paint before on various projects, and as long as there is no Rustoleum in the mix, I do ok or if I use all of their brand's products. ... but if I have a coat of any rustoleum, whether paint or primer,  and I don't finish out with Rustoleum, I get a wrinkled mess that I have to strip and start over. I hate re-do's.

Either use ALL  Rustoleum or NO Rustoleum.


I have always been told not to mix/match brands of paint, but that is the only brand that seems to matter when I try to. maybe if you wait til, say spring? or longer yet, you might be OK. but this soon afterwards, you better stick with what you started with.


Sherwin Williams recently bought out Valspar, so IDK what that will do to their quality for either company.


when it comes to Krylon, Rustoleum, etc., both seem to have branched out into a lot more specialties  than they used to have. I mean, clean metal, rusty metal, special paint for plastic, hammered, camo, and more. I wonder how much difference there really is between the mixes of a given brand and color?

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Posted November 10, 2017 - 08:52 PM

As with all paints you should use primer and paint of the same brand. If your shooting out of a can I think rust-oleum (Professional Grade) is king. Walmart sells this big can and can spray in any direction with more force than any spray can I've ever used covers well, and the price is right at four dollar's and change.
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