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Stuck Engine

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#1 Allis Chalmers Tractors OFFLINE  

Allis Chalmers Tractors
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Posted November 08, 2017 - 06:26 PM

What do you use to free a seized engine? I have a little Briggs 5S on a mower thats been sitting a long time and the engine is seized. I've pulled the head off and filled the cylinder with penetrating oil and I'll try working the piston loose. I've heard of putting diesel in it works pretty well. Just wondering what I should try next and what everbody else uses.



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#2 Trav1s OFFLINE  


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Posted November 08, 2017 - 07:05 PM

Acetone/atf combo is what I have heard to use but cannot confirm it.  

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#3 drbish ONLINE  



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Posted November 08, 2017 - 07:49 PM

First thing I do is make sure it is not the valves.They can do the same thing

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#4 Bob White12 OFFLINE  

Bob White12
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Posted November 08, 2017 - 08:50 PM

I say any old stuff will work PB blaster, WD-40, diesel, gas, kerosene even seen some people use Coca Cola (and that's why I never drink it if It can break up rust I don't want to now what it will do to my body). light tapping not just on the piston but all around too. If its really really stuck then try putting a porta power on it. if that doesn't work i'm out of ideas

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#5 Cvans OFFLINE  



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Posted November 08, 2017 - 09:07 PM

I have not tried this but have heard that some people have had excellent results. Put the engine in a barrel of water and let it set for a couple of weeks. It is said that water seized it up so water will loosen it up. 


Another option and this would be my choice. Take a spark plug and break the ceramic off and remove the electrode. Braze a grease zerk into the base of the spark plug. Install the spark plug and attach a grease gun filled with ATF and start pumping. The grease gun will force the fluid down and around the rings and around the piston. Let it set for a few hours and then start pumping again. Eventually the piston should start moving. 

Good luck.

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#6 classic OFFLINE  

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Posted November 08, 2017 - 09:34 PM

Try warming up the outside of the cylinder with a heat gun or map gas torch, but do it outside. I recently freed up an old Wisconsin AEH that sat for years. I let the ATF work for a couple of hours then tapped on the piston lightly and it started to move. I worked the crankshaft back and forth and flushed out the debris. The cylinder cleaned up better than I thought it would, so I put the engine back together after doing a desparately needed valve job on it. The valve seats had some pretty bad pitting in them, but they cleaned up just fine. Here's a pic of the engine when I removed the cylinder head...nasty! This engine actually runs fine and doesn't smoke at all. I was actually using the old Gibson today to gather up some dead falls and branches.

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#7 Doxey OFFLINE  

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Posted November 08, 2017 - 09:50 PM

Acetone and auto trans fluid, half and half.  I've seen a few tests on this, and is way better than PB Blaster.

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#8 boyscout862 OFFLINE  

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Posted November 08, 2017 - 09:53 PM

Soaking the whole thing with a penetrating lubricant is a good idea. I usually give it time. Time can make things easier. I had a stuck fitting that I soaked once a week for 6 months. I tried to undo it each time but it was stuck. The last time it came loose real easy. Use patience not force. if it doesn't seem to be coming loose try disassembling it as much as you can. Good Luck, Rick 

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#9 Bob White12 OFFLINE  

Bob White12
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Posted November 08, 2017 - 10:41 PM

least yours has a removable head. have you even tried to free up a headless engine?? man its hard I tried for like a year to free up this headless garden tractor I got. I stuck a pin in the hole at the top of the cylinder glad I didn't knock a hole in the piston 

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