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power rake, anyone?

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#1 dodge trucker ONLINE  

dodge trucker
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Posted October 08, 2017 - 09:06 PM

I just acquired one a few hours in a curbside gold mine, I got more too.... 

anyways it all looks good, engine is definitely newer than the rest of the machine but even having said that i'd guess the motor is ~25 ish years old... tecumseh serial number starts with a 3, I am guessing that means '93. I know it isn't '03 or even '13 for certain. Could be 1983 for that matter I guess, as it has an HS50 series engine, with adjustable carb.   machine been sitting a WHILE, either way... put gas in it, bleeds gas out the mouth of air cleaner// so i know it needs a carb boil-out.... it does run if I dribble gas in the spark plug hole....  the price was right. 

Been wanting one for a while, every year I think about renting one for my yard in the spring... wondering if, once I get it going if I oughtta test it out on my yard after the leaf harvest this fall.... I have seen one at the occasional auction but know I won't use one often enough to justify my buying one but for free? He11 Yeah!  Won't pass that up!


but my main question is it has a "bail" looking thing made out of 1/16 or 3/32" X1/2" wide steel bar stock on the back of the shroud over the rake tines... would this be for some kind of bagger???? when I have used them and seen them used in the past, I don't remember seeing  any sort of bagger hanging from one... but don't remember that U shaped "bail" looking thing  on one before either. It is hinged and is mounted like an upside down U. 

anyone got any info on these machines?  There is an ID plate on it that I gotta clean off to try and read any info off of...

parts (besides engine parts of course) readily available?  

It has been a while since I have seen one of these up close, but I seem to remember seeing at least some models of these machines had the gear reduction type of engines on them? This one doesn't.

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#2 Eric OFFLINE  

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Posted October 08, 2017 - 10:11 PM

Most bluebird type thatchers the tines are readily available but expensive, bearings are around also. I have an ez rake but it is shaft driven off of my Estate Keeper, no engine of course. They are great if you know when your yard is in a state to take a dethatcher.
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#3 dodge trucker ONLINE  

dodge trucker
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Posted October 21, 2017 - 05:43 PM

ok it runs on its own, gas bleed stopped.... wow... had it sitting in the back yard near the garage as I got it running and had it sitting there... sure pulled alot of grass out, both living and dead....

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