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Case 195 Rebuild

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#16 gopher OFFLINE  

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Posted November 12, 2017 - 05:22 PM

An update on some slow progress. The past two week have been spent finishing up painting the Flambeau red parts. The 4 rims where done yesterday attachicon.gif100_0535.JPG. The lift cylinder has been installed along with the new hydraulic pump.attachicon.gif100_0536.JPG. The front axle (minus the rims and tires) is back together now. attachicon.gif100_0537.JPG I have 2 new 5 rib tires ordered for the front, the back tires I will be reusing the original tires and tubes. I plan on starting on cleaning and painting the tan parts next weekend. 


Any Case experts know where or what this part is for? attachicon.gifIMG_20171112_110140511.jpg It is the only part i cannot figure out where it came off of the tractor. :wallbanging:  I figure it must be for and attachment since it does not show up in the parts manual. 

Can't tell size. Looks to be tiller depth gauge bar

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Posted November 28, 2017 - 04:54 PM

I have come to conclusion the bar is for some attachment and it was bolted to the side of the frame on the front left side. 



Progress has been slow but with a couple days off of work at one job I have been able to get all the Desert Sunset Tan parts painted, unless I have missed one. 100_0538.JPG . The PO welded on a fender extension on the right hand side. It was welded on so good I decided to just leave as is and just paint and primer with the rest of the fender assembly. The hood was a struggle, there were several dings and dents on the front left that needed hammered out and then filled in with filler. 100_0539.JPG . This weekend I am planning on bolting on most of the panel pieces and the tractor will be looking more like a tractor. 100_0540.JPG 100_0541 (2).JPG There are still several small items to go afterwards; electrical, choke and throttle cables, making gas tank mount, polishing up the chrome trim for the lights and the eagle, and more.

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#18 KennyP ONLINE  



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Posted November 28, 2017 - 05:36 PM

It's getting there! Just takes time!

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Posted December 03, 2017 - 03:55 PM

More progress this weekend. Most of the tan sheet metal is back on the tractor. IMG_20171202_080043902_HDR.jpg After this picture I noticed on the hood there were several flaws in the paint and small pockets that were not smooth. The hood was pulled off and more body work done to fix all the issues and it was repainted this am. In the mean time the hydraulic lift valve as hooked up and the grill put back together. IMG_20171203_130441915.jpg


I ended up buying a metal polishing set at HF to polish up the eagle and the trim rings for the headlights. IMG_20171203_125211609 (1).jpg


The next part is going to me making the gas tank bracket and holder, re-doing the seat, installing the wiring, installing the tiller control valve, and figuring out to mount a fan to the front of the engine.  

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