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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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"New" GT17 Owner

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#16 distephano OFFLINE  

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Posted September 10, 2017 - 08:27 PM

Made some more progress today.

All four wheels are off and new tires are ordered.

Got the last stubborn brake slide pin/bolt removed.

Disassembled the hydraulics control box, found much of friction material on the LH plate to be consumed, so I'll need to "reline" or replace that.

Disassembled much of the steering linkage and removed the spindles. Slop appears to be associated with something other than the spindles or linkage ends. I'll keep digging.

Seeing as though the brakes won't see *heavy* use, I may attempt to purchase new lining material and attempt to reline using a metal adhesive before I take them somewhere (or buy new). Same goes for the speed control friction plates.

Since I've come this far and I need to disassemble the main shaft to replace the hydro fan, I think I'm going pretty much gut the frame and clean everything so I can more nearly start from blank slate for maintenance and more easily check for leaks. Currently, most surfaces are caked with an 1/8th inch or more of grease and dirt.

I'd like to find a snow blower for one of my Ariens tractors....a tiller would be nice just to have but would not actually use that very much. (unless I find a house with a lot more green space)

We are in nearly the same boat. I was mostly looking for a heavy-duty snow removal machine, but we would like to put in a nice sized vegetable garden next year, so the tiller will be handy. I suspect it'll be used twice a year, maybe a bit more if a neighbor or family needs something similar done.

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#17 dodge trucker ONLINE  

dodge trucker
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Posted September 10, 2017 - 09:53 PM

yeah thats why I mostly would like the tiller, my body's a bit beat up and I can't take the bucking bronco of a walk behind any more like I used to..

I actually had a tiller for one of tehse some years ago... along with a complete basketcase of a S16H... engine in pieces in a crate, green nasty crap growing out of cracks in the seat, and most of the chassis rusted beyond hope.   I was out of work on a disability at the time I had it, no money (don't have "much" more now ha ha) and at the time mot very mobile due to injury// so I had to pass it along down the road....  I don't care about the tractor but I wish I had those attachments back.

I had one on a Sears Suburban once that was powered by its own separate engine and it was so nice having the tractor to take the abuse and keep it tracking straight instead of pulling itself toward the side that was already tilled like walk behinds like to do. 


Right now the snow blower is more important to me, than the tiller if I could find either/or.. but fortunately I do have other means to clear the drive besides the old manual shovel routine.

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Posted September 11, 2017 - 05:27 AM

I have a tiller like that and really enjoy it. Works good for breaking up lawn into garden.

#19 71mustangman OFFLINE  

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Posted September 11, 2017 - 06:28 PM

Hi there I just bought a gt20 this year and have mine disassembled to the frame. I have been finding some of the parts I need from online venders. such as BAILYS HYDRALICS sells the original front wheel bearing lutco I think is the name of the bearing, They may also have the bearing you need for the rear pto. The tractor supply company also has some bearings and bushings. Ariens does carry quite a few parts for these tractors. I purchased a bunch of new stuff from jack small engine supply. Ariens web site has an entire section with manuals.  I had my disc brakes pads and gear shift friction plate relined at a company call all friction in CT. if you look at my early post you can see the picture of the brake pads. I would do a complete inspection of the tractor. marks all faults down then go from there. The electrical I am sure needs work. soldering is the best bet to join and wire together or electrical connection. My electrical connections where corrode. If manual steering there is an adjustment you can do at the box. Go to you tube there is a vid on that procedure. check all the tie rod ends. check your front wheel bearings,  You can buy the tie rods ends online cheaper than thru ariens. Also check your front pto set up jack up tractor and try to move the pto pulley up and down side to side should be no play At all. if any play then you need to investigate further.  Also while the tractor is off its front wheels check to make the axle is not too loose where the pto tube goes thru axle. Btw make sure you have the tractor supported by jack stands before crawling under the tractor adjust front electrical clutch should have an air gap of .010-.015.  and read a lot online about these tractors. I would concentrate on the tractor and blower first., Since snow season is coming. The picture I saw of your blower you are missing the belt guard. cool have fun with it   

#20 distephano OFFLINE  

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Posted November 02, 2017 - 08:44 PM

Hello all. Time for an update!

It's been two months and I've somehow created more of a project than I originally purchased. What started as a grease, oil, and go project has become much more. As a result, the tractor hasn't run or moved since the day after I brought it home. When I'm done, the tractor should be good to go for another 20+ years!

I effectively have the tractor stripped down to the frame and will be starting to put things back together this weekend.

During my disassembly, here are some of the things I found and did:

-Tires were cracked and old. Sandblasted and painted wheels, tubed, and replaced all 4 tires. Fluid filled the rears.
-Front wheel bearings felt gritty. Replaced all 4 (McMaster Carr).
-Brake friction material gone. Cut new brake material and mounted using high temperature epoxy. We'll see how it holds up. While I was at it I sandblasted and painted all the brake linkages and brackets and replaced all hardware with fresh grade 5.
-Rear PTO shaft rattled like mad. Found excessive clearance between mounting flange and bearing. Replaced both. Replaced hardware with fresh grade 5.
-Friction materials on hydro throttle plates was nearly gone. Cut new friction material and mounted with epoxy. Sandblasted and painted plates.
-Excessive steering slop. Slop was associated with worn ball end linkages and a wallowed out bearing flange on the back side of the front PTO shaft. Steering gear itself seems good. Replaced all 4 ball end linkages with upgraded greaseable units, replaced both front PTO shaft bearings and flanges. Sandblasted and painted spindles and steering linkages. Replaced hardware with fresh grade 5.
-Wire brushed and painted muffler, intake, and muffler cover.
-Wire brushed and painted foot boards and supports. Painted foot boards with bedliner for a bit of a grippy surface. Fresh hardware.
-Replaced hydro cooling fan. Replaced both drive shaft flex discs while disassembled.
-Rebuilt carb, replaced fuel pump, fuel line, and fuel filter. New Air filter and breather tube. New gaskets as required.

The only actual ariens parts I've purchased have been the hydro fan and drive shaft flex discs. I've been able to track down everything else as just plain parts from McMaster, bearing suppliers, and farm/hardware/etc. stores. As a result, I think my biggest single outlay was for tires and tubes. Even counting those, I'm only in for a couple hundred in parts total.

I have a bit of work to do painting the seat / fender pan, but I should be up and running in a week or two. I think the snowblower is sound enough that I can grease it up, use as needed for winter, and worry about a full teardown and paint job next spring.

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