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Bolens repower or not

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#1 dpbcc OFFLINE  

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Posted August 07, 2017 - 12:29 PM

So I have a Bolens 1253 and the old rebuilt Tecumseh HH120 engine has given up again.   I've looked at replacement engines - the old iron is as expensive or more than the cost of some of the new knock off stuff - for about the same price.  So the question is -  is it worth repowering the Bolens  or should I look for something else that might be better worth repowering?  Gravely 400 series?  Case?


FYI I had a Cub Low Boy that was too big for my property,  loved the tractor though - anybody know something in between the Bolens and that size wise?   I saw a Gravely 450 on CL with a rebuilt Onan 16  weighs almost as much as the Cub but about the size of the Bolens.I have a Gravely walk behind that is like a tank - any thoughts on the 4 wheelers?

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#2 stiemmy OFFLINE  

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Posted August 07, 2017 - 03:32 PM

My 2 cents worth would be to fix the old, or find a used replacement. That onan is gonna cost almost what a new mower costs if that ever grenades, they are spendy!
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#3 boyscout862 ONLINE  

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Posted August 07, 2017 - 04:54 PM

Welcome to GTT. I would look for a good used engine to put on it. The old Bolens are well built and there is still plenty of attachments for them around. I bought a NOS Wisconsin TRA12 for $275 off of CL about a year ago. Its going on my Bolens 1050. Keep your eyes open and what you want will show up. Try attending a swap meet or show. I've bought nice running old engines for cheap at several shows in Eastern CT.

A tractor between the size of the Lowboy and the tube frame Bolens would be a Bolens large frame. These are my favorite GTs. Look at the Bolens Brochures in our Manuals Section. They are a bit bigger and stronger than the TFs and I like the bigger feel. Ask more questions as they occur to you. Good Luck, Rick

Look at this one: http://gardentractor...2-page-catalog/

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#4 Oldford OFFLINE  

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Posted August 07, 2017 - 06:51 PM

What is the tecumseh not doing?  there is a lot of help here for troubleshooting, and for parts.  You could repower but you'd need to make sure the shaft is the right size for your pto, and everything lines up.


But it sounds like you want soething bigger?  It really depends what you want the tractor to do.  And how much you want to repair it.  Older tractors have more features but usually take more to keep going.  Some brands are easy to find spare parts, some not.


According to this a 1253 weighs 650lbs http://www.tractorda...olens-1253.html


And a Cub lo-boy weighs 1500 lbs http://www.tractorda...154-lo-boy.html


There's a big spread between those 2.  Lots of tractors made between that size.


I like to cross what is for sale locally, with the forums to see how people like them.  There's a few pages here on Gravely 450.  I coulnd't link to the search but it is easy to do.


Best to do some research so you'll know a good deal when it pops up.  Also look for tractors that have the attachments you need, in your area.

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#5 dpbcc OFFLINE  

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Posted August 08, 2017 - 08:02 AM

Thanks for all the input appreciate the info. I've spent the price of an HF engine on the Tecumseh rebuilt carb, new carb, It was rebuilt 5 years ago and this spring just quit and haven't been able to keep it running more than 10 minutes since then. Being retired I have more time than money.