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#46 daniel_b OFFLINE  

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Posted August 06, 2017 - 12:04 PM

the 'quote'
Yes, I did read all of that, did not misunderstand it
and I have responded to that part in my above post to WrenchinOnIt,
in english usage tho' - Doug IS a moderator, thus staff, so, when someone is responding to whatever, 
say when in the credit department of a store when having a problem,
how many of us just say "you" to the person we are speaking with, "you've billed me wrong"
- rather than "the company x billing department billed me wrongly"
I have been hourly as well as salaried, which made me a "representative" of that company,
didn't matter if I owned the company, or just worked there,
so when they said "you" - I was proud of that fact and tried to act accordinly.
So when I asked if "your developer" was a 14 year old, can you see what I was saying?
I do see that Doug has responded, sort-a

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So, DIRECTLY to DOUG, I can, and do, apologize for you getting the wrong idea of what I said.

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Posted August 06, 2017 - 12:34 PM

This thread wasn't started so folks could banter back and forth. It's for trying to identify who is having issues. That said, sometimes a browser update can change settings from what they were before, thus causing some of these issues. Even an operating system update can change settings. Most of these folks barely know more than how to turn the thing on and get to the forum! I'm no guru, but have had many different computers. I can offer help to anyone, but some operating systems/browsers I am not familiar with.

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Posted August 06, 2017 - 04:07 PM

And here I was, being tactful.

The Royal We/You/Staff explanation has me wondering about my public education and my literacy. I guess I'm just a little on the slow side. That's ok, I will just pretend I don't understand any of it because ignorance is supposed to be blissful.

Sorry to hear of your estrange brother. Is it possible that he has unresolved anger management issues? It seems that is often the case when separations like that happen. Sometimes, it even runs in the family.
I hope you two can reunite before it's to late.

Oh, BTW , the "14 yr old" is the one who will be doing the rebuilding of the site in a month or so. If you have specific and constructive observations of the other sites, I'm sure they would like to hear them. I plan on having an opinion or two myself when time allows.

To Kenny's point, he is 110 percent correct. This thread is most helpful when people who are having issues articulate them as best they can without belittlement.
If you are having a problem and want to remain annonymous, please try contacting a staff member or you could even send them to me.

Edited by MH81, August 06, 2017 - 04:08 PM.

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Posted August 06, 2017 - 04:09 PM

okay, piece by piece,

I CAN read english, and DO READ the WHAT a person is posting, BEFORE I respond, NOT just the previous post, but the WHOLE thread.  And sometimes, I read a post/thread a FEW times to try to make sure I am understanding the WHAT the post/thread was actually asking/stating, NOT just MY first impression/interpretation, otherwise, I more than likely will be making a fool of myself! 

the, (YOUR WORDS), "any disrespect directed towards you" - 
1) to make the statement, quoted, or otherwise,  in post 36, AFTER I had posted what I did in post 21 denotes the WHOLE THREAD HAD NOT BEEN READ BEFORE MAKING THAT POST, or at the least of making an acknowledgement NOT ALL members were having problems
or, 2) what I had to say, because my post count is less than 100, just wasn't relavant?...
I can figure much of the posts/thread wasn't read, at least very well, 
or the suggestion I stated in post 34 @ "why not do this then?" could/should have been used in post 36???
there is NO html, or hyper-linking, used !!!

not sure of the WHY you would make a statement like that.  do you have that attitude toward other GT members who have a tremendous amount of knowledge about, say, Bolens, or Allis?  aren't we all on here to HELP each other by SHARING the information/knowledge we each possess?  if YOU have READ the WHOLE thread, you will see in every post made by me in this thread, I have been offering helpful suggestions/alternatives.

well, been a "lurker" here for quite a number of years, so, yes, am aware,
I have noticed seeing the word "MODERATOR" changed to "MEMBER" under a person's name - thank you..., 

in my first post to this thread, post 21, I gave the information Kenny was asking for,
stated that I felt it wasn't all the site's/moderators problems...
I sure haven't seen any one of those who were stating they were having problems, in any of the posts since, ASKING any one of the members here, who were NOT having problems, for any help!
Did read the part in a couple of posts, stating they were NOT changing the way they did things!
I can't see where you can come off with the part of me "disrespecting" anyone, Doug, or anyone else on this forum.
maybe you've been watching to much tv about a certain group, I need not mention by name, with all their parading and signs hollering about them being "disrespected" - that they matter,???...
For YOUR, and everyone else's clarification, go back and READ my post 37 again, I asked QUESTIONS, they were NOT intended as "disrespect" - I was/still am awaiting answers that I still don't see posted...

If that is your answer to anyone who has a different way of seeing things/looking at life,
to ask them to leave, Oh well, can see where that will leave you shortly...
I am going to state a bit of my POSITIONAL opinion here,
I DO NOT fight, fuss, 'n' feud!!!
You did make me think of something, have a sibling I have not SEEN or SPOKEN to for more than 60-couple years, and don't miss him a damn bit!!!!!
If'n I've seen him on the street, and probably have, sure didn't recognize/know who he was!!!

Good care less about your or your attitude about your sibling,speaks volumes, your post quoting Doug was a flame war in making, you ask for it you got it.  You want to threaten leaving go ahead, you want to rant about your knowledge and nobody gets it go ahead, not seeing any body thanking you here , see ya !

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Posted August 06, 2017 - 05:04 PM

Odd that all the troubles really tend to be centered with posting...
It seems that some of the more complicated features of the site are functioning fine.
In a completely unrelated train of thought to the way this topic turned, I am wondering if anyone is having difficulty with their ignore preferences. I know some members may not utilize this feature, some may not be aware it exists.

If you click on your username at the top of the page, a drop down menu will show in the right-hand column "ignore preferences"

You can add members you cannot coexist peacefully with to the list and then tweak how much of them you wish to ignore. Posts, signatures, Etc.

Seems to be working fine for me.

Edited by MH81, August 06, 2017 - 05:06 PM.

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Posted August 06, 2017 - 05:49 PM

Sorry guys, I didn't mean to start a flame war here. I appreciate knowing at least someone has my back around here. Been on the road this weekend and really didn't have time to sit down and put my thoughts to words. Some ways I thought we were just doing the proverbial  :deadhorse:  Maybe it should have been titled "anybody not using the latest update of IE11 having problems?" I see you found out it was a legitimate problem.    Sorry Kenny!


DanielB, I did get the impression you mistakenly thought I was the IT guy. As MH81 pointed out, I was just trying to relay info previously posted that pertained to a lot of the problems people were having. I would have thought you would have realized that after reading the thread I posted the link to. The only cure at the present time is to switch browsers. There are a lot on the site that don't want to have to change browsers for specific sites. I have enough problems remembering the quirks of how one works. I am currently trying Opera so I can copy and paste. It's got it's quirks too. The jury is still out. It was the only way I could attempt to function on the site. I see you found there was a legitimate problem with IE. I really wouldn't expect the archaic OS and browsers to have this problem. They have their own. 


DanielB quote 

EVERY piece of equipment requires SPECIFIC MAINTENANCE, and a pc isn't any different than any other piece of equipent.
they will all need a bit of tweaking and tuning to make them our own for the way we each will use them.

This problem occurs when the computer thinks it needs maintenance and performs an update. If you figure out how to tweak the recent upgrade to work with the current form of the software on the site, please enlighten us. 


Speaking of software.......We were assured that the current platform (IPB?) would be retained and updated. Posts like the one of Chris's make me question the assurance. I'm a member at tractorforum and seldom go there because I don't care for the format. 


Now, to address the forum section orientation.


I had my old antivirus set to not perform updates. When I renewed the license and it updated itself, now it feels like it should perform all updates and I haven't figured out how to change it. I've tried but just doesn't seem to happen. This probably would have saved me the headaches I currently have. When I get fed up and find time to try and fix this I will ask for suggestions in the PCTalk forum here. http://gardentractor...orum/58-pctalk/


Now, lets say I have a problem with the way the site works or if I can't get a feature to work I would post my query here in the site-how-to-questions-suggestions-news forum; http://gardentractor...ggestions-news/ You would have found that section had you followed the link to the thread I posted. You will also find the thread started by Oldbuzzard there on the same subject. I noticed in one of your posts you stated you weren't familiar with this forum so you should take a look. Just trying to help explain how the site works. We've got a lot of other forums and info here too. Check it all out from the main forum page here.  http://gardentractortalk.com/forums/


I think we've seen enough of this subject. Now I return you to your normal thread. I still need to get the motorhome unloaded. I hope everyone can settle down and use this constructively. If not it will be locked. 

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Posted August 07, 2017 - 08:02 AM

I have never had any issues until I got a new computer with windows 10, now whenever I post pictures some will be sideways. I never had that issue before windows 10.

I am using firefox for a browser

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