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99 and 77 info

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Posted July 09, 2017 - 09:59 PM

I found a couple really nice amigo's one is a 77 and the other is a 99 they are both fully restored with new tires What would a fair price be to pay for these tractors? What year/years were they made?

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Posted July 09, 2017 - 10:23 PM

I may be wrong as I am not an Amigo guy but I thought I heard they were only around for a few years. Again it may be that I am completely incorrect on that but seem to recall that they were not so easy to come by. Good luck.

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Posted July 09, 2017 - 10:29 PM

Found some info from this site in 2010 that they built from 1959-1968, this was supposedly in Lawn and Garden tractor magazine. Just google the company name and it gives a few bits of info.

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Posted July 10, 2017 - 09:44 AM

I would think nicely restored 77 and 99 models could easily fetch $1000-1500/ea, depending on options/implements.  Of course, many folks may have a different opinion of their value, since they are rarely seen for sale, and it can be difficult to determine what a fair price may be. 


I have been fortunate to have a 99 and recently sold my 1170.  I think a model 77 would probably run around the same value as a 99, despite the lower hp, simply because it's the earlier round hood variety.  I would see a better price from a real nice original than a restored machine, but not by much.  My 99 has been 'restored' to some degree. Mechanically, the previous owner rebuilt the tranny with NOS parts, and did the same with a worn front axle.  It runs good with no smoke and has the small deck and 3pt hitch.  I have been offered $1500 for it, but have not been that interested in selling.  It is the actual model 99 that was on the cover of L&G Collector magazine, and was also featured in a second magazine article on Amigos.  It came from the Aaron Davis, who's uncle designed the machines. He had quite a bit of left over parts inventory to work from, from what I have learned. 


My 1170 was a gem.  It was original and what folks would call a barn find, and I bought it that way but second hand.  It was filthy, needed rear tires, front tire tubes and I put a LOT of elbow grease into it.  The hood paint was too far gone so I matched the color on the grill and dash, and painted it.  It was still missing the steering gears, and though I cleaned it up and went through the motor, I never did get a chance to fire it up.  I had numerous folks with interest and a need popped up at home so I let it go for $1000.  It did have a rough deck, but no 3pt.  I had an NOS 3pt in the box, that I sold with it for $300.  These are prices based on what unsolicited offers were coming to me at. I did not go with the 'highest', but put it in good hands, and have a chance to re-buy it down the line.  The new owner has had new gears made and I'm pretty sure it's running.


On another note, though the machines are quite rare, within probably the last 6 months, I have found 2 decks, a snowplow, a 3pt carryall, the NOS 3pt hitch, and a large qty of original manuals and price sheets for Amigo.  I'm looking forward to trying out the snowplow.  It is foot controlled, which should be a hoot.



1170 before




After a cleanup


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Posted July 10, 2017 - 12:46 PM

It would take $1000 minimum to make me let go of mine. 

It does not have the original engine, or any attachments.                       Rick

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Posted July 10, 2017 - 05:52 PM

It would take $1000 minimum to make me let go of mine.
It does not have the original engine, or any attachments. Rick

please don't say that tractor is for sale....
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