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Posted July 08, 2017 - 09:48 PM

Hi there just bought an Ariens GT20 and in the process of inspecting, disassembling and cleaning the tractor for paint. I had a small problem removing the pto tube from the axle. So here is what I did to remove the tube. 1) I soaked the tube retaining pin ( there is a small hole on top front axle fill with penetrating oil) and tube with penetrating oil ( wd40,liquid wrench, kroll oil) 2) I kept soaking the items everyday for five days. 2A) Then I loosen the retaining nut located under the front axle. 2B) Do not force it be kind to the nut if you snap that nut off your in trouble.2C) ok once the retaining nut is loosen remove it  save nut 2D) get a different nut and thread the nut on the pin by hand just until the bottom of nut covers the bottom of the pin threads 2E) Take a small ball peen hammer and hit the bottom of retaining pin driving the pin up inside once it moves a bit stop hitting pin and tighten nut against bottom axle.2F) The idea is to drive the pin up and down this will help free the pin. Just remember do not snap that pin.2G) now its loose find the mid point of up and down . Set the pin at mid point and your ready to remove tube  3) I cut up an ice pack from the freezer and packed the tube with cold ice. let sit. The next time I do this I am going to use dry ice or ice cubes.4) I used a 1 inch 1/2 drive impact socket and a 3 pound hammer. 5) I hit the back side of tube with socket and hammer to drive it forward against the 3/16 steel tractor frame. 6) (Hitting the tube from the other end and driving it towards the back of tractor  may cause the welded frame to bend slightly underneath motor) 7) once the tube starts to move your in business keep hitting it will come. One more thing be very careful not mushroom the end of the tube your hitting. ok here are some pictures enjoy mustangman

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