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Deere RX75 anyone?

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#16 Rustysteele OFFLINE  

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Posted July 13, 2017 - 03:02 PM

The belts go on normally, with the wide side out. I`ve worked on hundreds (so it seems!) of these, and once you work on a few and learn a few tricks to replacing the belts, they are easy to replace. If you are a newer mechanic though, it could seem very challenging! Also, the inner sheave on the variator will only spin freely and move along the hub if the belts are loose on it, otherwise if one belt has any tension on it, it will bind up. Good luck with it!

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#17 dodge trucker OFFLINE  

dodge trucker
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Posted July 13, 2017 - 05:22 PM

yeah I have worked on THIS Piece o' junk enough to know that the belts go "wide side out" on this particular machine, when I questioned the guy at Deere I questioned that when he said it and then he back tracked and said "well they do on one model of those machines, maybe it isn't that one..."

no, I am not a newer mechanic, been wrenching on small engines off n on since I was 12 or 13 and just turned 50.... been an alignment/suspension/brake guy most of my working life and am currently a fleet mechanic for the state.... been there a while.

but I haven't worked on "everything" on this particular unit, and never any other RX75 except this particular one.  so I don't know everything about them!
​I have the deck and transmission out of this machine and the body off the top.  I had the trans loose when I changed the primary belt last week when I 1st started  trying to figure out the issue. 


on that variator/ what all can go wrong with them? besides the center bearing either locking up or going sloppy? (this particular one has neither of those conditions right now, just asking)

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dodge trucker
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Posted July 20, 2017 - 09:40 PM

how much is "too much" of a wobble in that bushing? It does have a little.  I do not see any way to pull it apart, or I'd press it out and go to Motion Industries and replace it... I did wind up back at Deere for the brake pads, "only" $11 but they are only about 5/8" X1" or so X~1/4"-ish? thick... old ones weren't worn as much as I thought but the new ones did take the slop out of the brake lever on the transmission. 

I finally got time to work on the lemon today and got the trans back in, the body bolted back on along with the variator, I did find a seized idler, the one that bolts onto the transmission housing on the left side.... missing a couple carriage bolts, seems at the moment like I am gonna have some regular type hex head bolts and nuts "left over".... gonna go see Deere and see if they have a replacement for that idler tomorrow at lunchtime and HOPEFULLY I can get this thing outta here tomorrow... gonna try an drive it around the yard before I hang the deck. 


something I used to say all the time and it surely applies here..... if a machine I work on turns out to have mostly metric fasteners, it is most likely JUNK!  This thing sure is....


something weird I just noticed today... wonder if she had Deere come get this thing and do some work on it.... machine has a 3 mo. old OEM Deere replacement battery in it.... I had put a new battery in it just last year and the one I put in wasn't a OEM Deere.... I wonder how much that cost? maybe I oughtta pull the vent caps and see if the plats are gold plated????