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Troy Bilt GTX Loader Build

bolens loader fel troy bilt gtx pf engineering

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#1 mmmmmdonuts OFFLINE  

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Posted June 16, 2017 - 08:52 AM

This is going to show my PF Engineering Loader build for my Troy Bilt GTX 18. I had a previous topic started in the Bolens forum that I was asking some basic questions for. Located here: http://gardentractor...duratrac/page-2


The Troy Bilt GTX is essentially a Bolens Duratrac tractor that had a native FEL for it. It weighs about 800-900lbs before anything gets added. I started gathering the parts last year and have slowly been building it over the last few months.  At this point, I have 95% of everything cut, and about 80% of the holes I need to drill drilled. I haven't had all that much time to work on it so I get to spend on it so it won't be a super fast build. In another post I will detail all the part selection, hydraulic details and some of the costs associated with it.


I also want to thank CEvans and Tudor (from mytractorforum), and some of the guys at wheelhorseforum for help and guidance on what they did.


The first thing I am working on is a ladder type subframe. While the tractor didn't initially use a subframe on its' loader I thought for long term stability it would be better to use one. I used U-bolts on the axle through 1.5x3x3/16 rectangular tube in the back. I used a scrap piece of angle (1/4"??) to ensure that the frame is square. On this angle piece I am going to weld a trailer receiver hitch, so I can use my cargo carrier for ballasting. The platform where the towers will sit is a 2x4x1/4" tube where I will then add angle iron to the frame to mount it there. Here are some pictures:


rps20170615_204737.jpg rps20170615_204841.jpg rps20170615_204803.jpg


Additionally, here is a picture of the bucket and the gussets that will mount to the the arms of the loader.


rps20170615_204933.jpg rps20170615_205029.jpg

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Posted June 16, 2017 - 10:46 AM

Bolted to the rear axle, I can definitely tell you've been talking to Bob (Tudor). He was active on here about a year ago, then petered out.

Looking good, always like to see pictures of an FEL build.

#3 sharkman OFFLINE  

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Posted June 16, 2017 - 11:50 AM

here is a picture of a factory loader that was for sale recently.  The guy wanted big bucks, so my guess is he still owns it.  I do like the mounting system as it looks to be easy on and easy off of the loader.  Not sure if that translates into less stability when using it.



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#4 mmmmmdonuts OFFLINE  

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Posted June 16, 2017 - 04:24 PM

I did see that for sale around me. It was very expensive and couldn't afford it all at once. I was thinking of building a subframe that was similar to the one that came from the factory but I am going to use this as a dedicated loader so I wanted to beef up the subframe and make sure it went all the way to the axle which the other one doesn't.

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#5 mmmmmdonuts OFFLINE  

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Posted June 18, 2017 - 01:35 PM

So this post is to talk about the hydraulic parts that I have ordered. The PF Engineering plans calls for 4 2x16 cylinders. Two for each of the arms and then two for the curling of the bucket.


I got 4 Maverick 2x16, 2500PSI Tie Rod Cylinders from Dalton Hydraulics. http://www.daltonhyd...ore-x-16-stroke


They were less than 1/2 the price ($57) of the welded type so I went with the tie rod ends.


For the controls, I got the Prince Hydraulic Valve MB21GB5C1 from northern tool. http://www.northernt...05789_200405789


It features a float feature and the a power beyond port for powering any other hydraulic attachments in the future.


Since I am operating the loader off the front PTO shaft, and it spins at 2000RPM, I had to upsize the pump to get reasonable flow at the slower speed. So I got this pump, the Nor-Trac CB2A-F11SXA off of Northern tool. http://www.northernt...41992_200641992


If the engine operates at full throttle I should get approximately 6GPM at the loader, but I plan on operating somewhere around 3000RPM so I should get a flow rate around 5GPM. Since it is a hydro tranny, I probably will leave it somewhere between these two RPM's to make sure it stays nice and cool.


At 6GPM per minute this should give each cylinder an Extend Time=  4.3 sec,   Retract Time= 3 sec,   Cycle Time= 7.3 sec.

At 5GPM per minute this should give each cylinder an Extend Time=  5.2 sec,   Retract Time= 3.6 sec,  Cycle Time= 8.8 sec.


This pump is connected with a lovejoy coupler.


There is a 1"-15T spline coupler. PN (6408K16) from McMaster-Carr. This connects to the tractor end.

The pump connects to a 5/8" coupler: 6408K16 from McMaster-Carr.

These two are connected with a spider in the middle: 6408K77


I will try and get some pictures of these things soon, especially the coupling.

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