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Went to start PK2 yesterday and nothing

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Posted June 04, 2017 - 01:17 PM

Hi all, I needed to get the Ford 641 out so I could mow the runway, but before I can get it out of the barn I have to move a Suburban the GT 5000 and 2 PK's , The Suburban started right up as did the GT5000 and PK3 got on PK2 turned the switch nothjing voltmeter lite up headlights worked but nothing when the key was turned to start, looked around under the hood couldn't see anything so used the old farmer trick got the pliers out and jumpered across the solenoid termals and it started up drove it out shut ioff and tried again nothing so went and mowed the runway was thinking about it while mowing think it maybe the solenoid went bad and didn't like the idea of having to change it, then a thought came to me maybe its the PTO safety switch. So when the mowing was finished and the GT's were put back in the barn I hopped on PK2  and tried pushing on the PTO switch it moving down about 1/8" and the starter was spinning guess when I finished mowing a couple of days ago and I hit the PTO button it didn't go all the way but far enough to disengage the PTO clutch  anyway I like a problem that is solved that easy.

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Posted June 04, 2017 - 01:31 PM

It's a drag while it's happening, but a great relief when it's something as simple as that. I bought a new voltage regulator, ignition switch, and installed a known good starter generator and Solid State ignition on an old Sears Suburban. I even cleaned the battery wires and all connections. After all that, I still had nothing. Turned out to be an internally corroded negative battery wire. It ran like new after it started, HA!

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Posted June 04, 2017 - 05:47 PM

Isn't that the PITA when it happens that way.  I have a Kohler Mag18 that only had fire to one plug occasionally.  Put a new mag in, all checked out good.  Engine back in.  No run & no fire.  Back out came the engine.  Ended up being thew plug between the engine and the tractor was shorted internally.  Cleaned it up, new kill wire and has ran good ever since.  I bet  $100 I didn't need that new mag after all.  Will sure keep the old one though.

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