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Need Help Refininshing Fiberglass Dash

dayton 3z678 mtd 995 fiberglass repair fiberglass painting 15 inch tires

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#1 Utah Smitty ONLINE  

Utah Smitty


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Posted May 16, 2017 - 11:02 PM

I just bought a fixer upper Dayton 3Z678--same as an MTD 995--hydrostatic tranny with twin 18 cyl B&S engine, speed lever on left side.


It's practically identical to my old Dayton, which is probably why I got it.  It needs quite a bit, esp. new tires, but I got the engine started to day and it ran without letting any blue smoke escape, and the hydro doesn't whine.


My immediate problem is the dashboard.  It's made of fiberglass and has weathered badly so the fiberglass fibers are exposed.  I've accidentally brushed against it several times while working on it, and been rewarded with itch arms and hands.


Here's a picture of the dash:




What is the best way to paint/cover/reseal this?  Other than the fiberglass "bloom" of exposed fibers, tThe dash is in good shape otherwise--no cracks, etc., and I suspect finding another one will be long and expensive if I do find one.


Also, any suggestions on what to use on the 15" wheels?  I want to use it with a tiller and a rear scraper, so I want something with traction, and not turf tires.


Carlisle still makes a 15" tire that will fit it, but they're over $200 each.


Any input would be appreciated.



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Posted May 16, 2017 - 11:51 PM

I would buy some resin and hardener and determine if it needs a fiberglass glass patch, if not tape around the affected area as to not slop on adjacent painted surface's then recoat the rough area with a coat or two of resin sand smooth and paint

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#3 EricFromPa OFFLINE  



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Posted May 17, 2017 - 05:08 AM

Gel coat would be ideal for that.You can get it by the pint with hardner and either spray it on or use a small roller or even a paint brush if your carefull not to get it to thick.

Me and my dad restored an old fiberglass bass boat years ago and it turned out really nice.You can get it in a high gloss black.Looked around and it's about $40 for a pint with hardner.The surface has to be very very clean especially from any oils.




Takes a while to fully cure but only takes 10-20 minutes to flash depending on the hardner.It is self leveling so applying it with a small roller should work really good.

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#4 larrybl OFFLINE  


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Posted May 17, 2017 - 07:13 AM

I ran across a fiberglass dash on a parts machine a while back. Those things are pure evil! I would guess the resin mentioned above would work. Might want to talk with an automotive body shop about some options.

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#5 chieffan ONLINE  

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Posted May 17, 2017 - 07:17 AM

Fiber glass resin and hardener will work good on that project.  I have a White tractor which is about the same set up.  Holes wore through and top right was gone.  Metal support under  it and layer up with cloth and resin and worked out good.  About any parts store should have the resin and hardener.  Like paints, will want low humidity for it to cure properly.

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#6 Bud W ONLINE  

Bud W

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Posted May 17, 2017 - 10:36 AM

When My son raced go karts with fiberglass bodies, we would wrap paint sticks with wax paper and use fiberglass patches with resin. Clamp the pieces together with the paint sticks and vice grips. After the resin cures, sandpaper and some bondo to clean it up and paint.

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