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steering issue on S16h

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dodge trucker
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Posted May 29, 2017 - 09:31 PM

OK... update time... took 2 extra days off work, to make a 5 day "holiday weekend"and I spent parts of 3 of those days working on this unit.... getting closer but no cigar yet/ going back together.

Had gas tank out, original fuel line beyond rotten.... replaced with steel line. 

dash back on, PO's scotchlock wiring repairs redone with solder and heat shrink.... bypassed the seat switch in the process, rest of idiot switches still connected as they were originally were... hope that stupid interlock board still works...

ignition switch all corroded/ IDK if it will still work.... at least they can be had cheap on teh aftermarket... don't know yet that I can say that for the PTO switch, had to pull the stem out on that with vise grips.... put Ariens PN into EPay search and came up with only an OEM Ariens replacement for that number....


under gas tank, the rear end and hydro was packed tight with wasp nests and mouse nest remnants, power washed all that outta there... obvious that all the hyd. hoses have been replaced at some point but still has what looks to be the original Ariens hyd. filter. that will need to be replaced as soon as I get it running and warmed up.... replaced the grommet in the fuel tank, along with the supply line to the engine.


gotta see what I have around, for better (less dry rotted) tires around here...


front axle has more front to back deflection than I expected that it would...


found the spare/extra parts for the front axle tube that came with my GT19 that I knew that I had here, after buying more and getting that all back together, figures. was looking for something else and there they were, 2 feet over from where I'd looked previously when I was needing them.


When I had finally gotten the engine going, I discovered that the fuel pump would pass fuel like a straight pipe when fed by gravity... replaced fuel pump with a brand new OEM Kohler one that I had here...


and, when I put the driveshaft back in, I used the one that came with the parts unit because somehow it had an intact fan blade where the original one was down to 1 "ear" on the fan. As I was rotating the engine by grabbing the shaft to rotate it til I could get to the next hole, I discovered the next morning (today!) that there is oil all over under the shroud end of teh engine.... yet it didnt leak a drop when I actually ran the engine for roughly a 1/2 hour a couple weeks ago.... or since until now.

gonna get it all back running again on its own power before yanking the engine to address this.... I had it all completely unbolted but didn't pull the engine.... until now I saw no need....   never mind the rambling, much of this is for notes-to-self for later use.

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dodge trucker
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Posted June 06, 2017 - 10:12 PM

ok... new ign switch in, still won't start without jumping the solenoid.... safety (idiot) system fault.... but it does now start and run, drawing gas from its own tank in the 1st time in who knows how long....  had a quick "oh $#!T moment.... besides the stiff hydro lever/handle, it wanted to go backwards like gangbusters but the ramp gate on my trailer on which it sits, prevented that....

turns out the plunger under the push/tow relief lever for the "forward" side was stuck down..... moves both ways now. whew....

1st time it has moved under its own power since I have had the thing.....  I replaced the oil filter with (probably not exactly right but what I had around) a Purolator oil filter like my trucks take.... based off of the PN of the filter that was originally on my parts tractor....

and topped off the fluid within.  Once I run it an hour or so I plan to dump the fluid totally and re-replace the filter anyways.

wow this hydro likes to whine... yikes.  probably still some air within somewhere. 

wiring left and then fiberglass work on the fender pan. and THEN I can finally use this machine.

the steering did seem stiff today (it is all back together) now that I have had teh gearbox all apart and regreased and readjusted everything..... though the front tires are flat and almost flat..... that will have something to do with it I am sure.... need to air up the tires, then get this thing off the trailer and drive it around and see what it will do.