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john deere 110 headlights

john deere 1968 110 headlights

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#1 rstern24 OFFLINE  

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Posted April 18, 2017 - 12:54 PM

Hello I have a 1968 John Deere 110. It has square finders. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck putting headlights on one of these? It gets hard to mow when the sun goes down and id really like to put some lights on. I've looked around a little trying to find something but I am not having any luck.

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Posted April 18, 2017 - 06:09 PM

I realized after i typed this all out that i might be insulting your knowldege and technical abilities . If so i apologize 


Well there are several different options on how you could go about it. It depends on the look your going for. If your just after utility you could buy some 12v lights from your preferred source either the local farm store, auto parts store, or online retailer.  Led would be my suggestion. They're brighter and use less power than a conventional bulb. Which is something to take into consideration since the charging system often only supports some where 10- 15 amps. But since the your tractor at most only charges the battery and maybe runs the pto, you should have plenty of charging system left to handle the lights. 


Just don't mount the lights to the hood itself. They are fiber glass and just aren't designed for something like that. Plus from a collectors side of things. It makes for a whole lot of headaches down the road. A likely place would be the front uprights for the hood. The steel would support the weight a light without issue. Just watch of you drill holes whats on the backside that your drill bit could damage when you cut through.


To turn the lights on and off you need to add a switch. One for 10-20 amps would be ideal. You'll want to look at the back of the dash. There may already be a hole in the dash for a light switch that is covered by the sticker. If not you will need to add one somewhere. Doesn't have to be in the dash. You could build a bracket to mount it to. Where ever is easiest for your tooling and skill set.


The wiring would be would fairly simple. Wire from your + batter terminal to a inline fuse. Inline fuse to one side of the switch. Other side of the switch to the power wire for the light. Ground wire from your light to the machine frame. 


Im sure that wasn't as clear as it was in my head so feel free to ask for clarification.


The other option that is considerably more spendy is finding a new headlight panel for the tractor. Your tractor likely has a blank one up front where the deere logo is.  The factory option either replaced the blank one with a one that had holes in it for lights to shine through. I think some had the the mounting hole bosses on the back side and you could cut the holes in it and mount the light holders but not certain on that. The running rate for a complete headlight panel on the auction sites often approaches 200 dollars. But if originality is important there aren't really any other options. The pieces were all still available from deere last i checked but very very spendy


This pic is from my 140, Different model tractor but the headlight panel is the same. Im missing the chrome rings that go around the lights for trim.


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#3 rstern24 OFFLINE  

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Posted April 24, 2017 - 07:52 AM

Thanks for the info. I know I could add just any lights to it but I was wondering if there was a factory option sorry I didn't really say that and I should have. As for your wiring instructions they were good at least for me but I work on cars for a living. Thanks again for the info on the grille even your picture helps a lot I could always make my blank grill accept lights in it if I decide not to buy the expensive grille.

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