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To restore or not to restore....

110 patio

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#16 johndeereelfman OFFLINE  

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Posted March 09, 2017 - 09:20 PM

I've never been into the Patio tractors, as to me they just aren't John Deere's without the Green and Yellow paint. Just my opinion, and no ridicule intended. However, I have noticed over the past couple of years, that certain tractor models and colors bring higher amounts at auction, than some of the others. 


For the most part, the easiest or more common models to find are the 110's and 112's, and the more commonly found colors are the reds and blues. With this said, you have one of these models and colors. I'm finding for the most part, that the 140's and 120's are the more highly desired models when it comes to adding a Patio tractor to someone's collection, and since the red and blue color options are more plentiful to find, collectors will spend more money for the harder to find yellow and orange color options. So what does this mean for you?


You have an average or commonly found patio model, and it has the more commonly found red color option. I personally don't think that you will get anywhere near your time and effort money value back out of the tractor if you should decide to sell the tractor sometime down the road. Right now, I'd value your tractor as it sits, right around the $500-$600 range. Even if you'd restore the tractor to factory specs, and have the finish back to showroom quality, I can't see that you'd be able to get more than maybe $2,000 for it. Not due to you efforts or workmanship, but still due to this being a commonly found model and color. Now if the original color would have been the yellow or orange, you may be able to get a little more for it, however I'm thinking not more than maybe an additional $500-800.


Let's say the model would have been a 140, and the color would have been the yellow. You could very easily restore the tractor and most likely sell the tractor for between $2,500-$4,000. I know it's a hydraulic tractor compared to your gear drive, and I realize that I'm not comparing apples with apples, but I'm trying to prove a point that when guys say these patio tractors are selling for up to $6,000-7,000, you have to understand that not all patio tractors are desired the same way or of equal value. You mentioned that you will have the seat recovered. If it's not an authentic "John Deere" patio seat, you can't expect to get the prices that some of the other tractors that have the authentic seats are bringing. Just throwing that out there for you to consider.


If the tractor was mine, I would restore the tractor to my expectations, and forget all about selling the tractor to make money. You could have a very nice piece there, so do it over, enjoy your efforts, and pass it down through the family whenever the time comes. Good Luck to you Sir, and I wish you well. 

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Posted March 10, 2017 - 08:15 AM

Thanks for all the feedback. Once I get some re-arranging done in my garage I think I will proceed with the restoration. I know with a dyed seat cover instead of the original and being a 110 it will never be one of the top sellers (which wasn't a big concern from the start as I want it in my collection to show) and I have been dealing with antique GT's and my full size tractor collection long enough I know I'm not in it for the money because profiting on these just rarely happens. In this case I would say my concern was more with the correct preservation of history than with maximizing profits. I'm not worried about keeping it in "work clothes" as this will be a show tractor not a mowing tractor. I just didn't want to mess it up tearing into it but I think with how bad the rust is this is one candidate that will be better preserved with a correct restoration. When I get going I will be sure to start a restoration thread.

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